Siena Hobbs

Siena Hobbs

I have been a member of Tolworth Gymnastics Club Display Team for the past five years. As a team we perform routines using two trampettes and sometimes a vault as well; we also include elements of floor, tumble and acrobatic skills.

The aim of this team is to promote our club by performing in gymnastics festivals all around the UK, in Ireland and abroad. For example, in June 2011 we travelled to Dublin to perform in the Irish Fleadh and in November 2012 we performed at the Blume festival in Gran Canaria for five days. Every year we attend London’s festival of gymnastics, performing on at least one of the three days. In 2013 we performed twice at the Great British GymFusion in Sheffield and were fortunate enough to be part of their live stream on YouTube. This year, we will be returning to Dublin to perform in the Irish Fleadh, taking part in GymFusion in Guildford, performing at London Gymnastics Festival and travelling again to the Blume Festival in Gran Canaria.

As well as being part of the Display Team at Tolworth, I am also a coach for the recreational children and have taken my Level 1 Coaching Gymnastics qualification. This means that I am at the gym at least five days a week, training and coaching, with optional sessions on another two days. Due to the number of hours I do at Tolworth as well as my commitment to coaching, I was presented with the Jack Petchey award for excellence in May 2010.

As well as competing in display gymnastics, I have competed several times in trampolining competitions, for my previous club and school. This year my team and I won silver medals and a trophy at the Regional Schools Trampolining Championships; we also won silver medals at the Borough competition as well. We also competed in the Zonal Trampolining competition, although were at a disadvantage due to several injuries and a missing team member and did not win medals. However, in 2009 I won team gold at the Borough competition as well as individual 2nd place and the following year individual 3rd and team 2nd.

Gymnastics and trampolining have been an important and rewarding part of my life during the past five years and continue to be so.