Getting into Oxford & Cambridge

For 2020 Entry

Winning a place at Oxford or Cambridge is tougher than ever, with only 20% of applicants making a successful application. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to have top A level grades, a winning personal statement and a passion for your subject that you can capably demonstrate at interview.

Packed with essential advice to help you land one of the prestigious places at Oxbridge, Getting into Oxford and Cambridge takes an honest look at what it really takes to win a place at the college of your choice. It contains practical, detailed guidance on the entire application process including:

  • Details of what studying at an Oxbridge college is really like
  • How to write an effective UCAS application, including sample personal statements
  • Advice on how to prepare for and make a great impression at interview
  • Case studies from students who have been through the Oxbridge application process


Written by:
Matthew Carmody, Director of Studies

GI OX 2019

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