Meet us in your country

Our representatives from the International Office regularly visit different countries¹ throughout the year attending education fairs, visit schools and talk to prospective students, parents and agents in their home countries.

Please find below information on our upcoming visits to your country or region. Other fairs and private visits may be added to the list at any time, so please check back regularly or contact us if you have any questions about our visits.

We look forward to meeting you.

MPW International also has an office in Hong Kong. Please contact Sarah Keates to make an appoitment if you would like to visit our Hong Kong based team.




Exhibition / trip


Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 14th & 15th October 2016 Agent Meetings & Education Fair Gabriel Liew
Thailand Bangkok 15th October 2016 BC Exhibition James Burnett
Malaysia Kuching 16th October 2016 Education Fair Gabriel Liew
China Shanghai 20th October 2016 Agent Meetings & Seminars Timothy Joseph
Hong Kong Hong Kong 21st - 23rd October 2016 BC Exhibition & Agent Visits Timothy Joseph
Japan Tokyo & Osaka 21st - 25th October 2016 BC & BEO Agent Exhibitions James Burnett
Indonesia Jakarta 24th - 26th October 2016 Agent Meetings Timothy Joseph
Indonesia Jakarta 28th October 2016 MPW Presentation James Burnett
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 5th & 6th November 2016 BC Education UK Exhibition Gabriel Liew
Thailand Bangkok 10th November 2016 Hands On Agent Fair James Burnett
Thailand Bangkok 12th - 13th November 2016 OCSC Education Fair James Burnett
China Various 21st - 26th November 2016 Agent Visits & Presentations James Burnett
Vietnam Hanoi & HCMC 2nd - 3rd December 2016 Agent Visits & Presentations James Burnett
China Various 3rd - 5th December 2016 Agent Visits & Presentations James Burnett
Singapore Singapore 9th - 10th January 2017 Agent Presentation (Unidegree) James Burnett
Korea Seoul 13th - 15th January 2017 Exhibition - UK Higher Education Fair 2017 Sarah Keates
Thailand Bangkok 14th- 15th January 2017 British Council Exhibition James Burnett
Vietnam Hanoi & HCMC 16th - 18th February 2017 Agent Presentations James Burnett
Thailand Bangkok 21st - 22nd February 2017 Agent Fair (Mentor) James Burnett
Indonesia Jakarta & Surabaya 4th - 7th March 2017 British Council Exhibition James Burnett
Korea Seoul 10th - 11th March 2017 UK Study Fair 2017 Sarah Keates
Singapore Singapore 11th March 2017 British Council Exhibition James Burnett
Japan Tokyo 23rd - 27th March 2017 British Council Exhibition/ Agent Fair (BEO) James Burnett

1.Countries our representatives will be visiting include:

  • Albania
  • China
  • Italy     
  • Lebanon
  • Singapore
  • Azerbaijan
  • Cyprus
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Baltics
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Korea
  • Russia