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Leading independent fifth- and sixth-form college offering a wide range of A Level & GCSE subjects in a friendly, successful and thriving environment in the heart of Cambridge. The goal at MPW is to equip students with the academic and personal skills they need to advance to the next stage of their education.

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from Nick Marriott, Principal

MPW Cambridge is a friendly, successful and thriving college. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs, so we specialise in providing bespoke and flexible timetables geared to individual circumstances. 

At GCSE, we have students who join us for both GCSE years (Years 10 and 11). Others join us just for one year, either to complete their GCSEs in Year 11 or to retake a range of subjects by effectively repeating Year 11. Similarly, we have students studying A Levels conventionally over two years or intensively over one year. Students on our one-year courses may be looking to reinvent themselves by studying new subjects after successfully completing two years elsewhere. Our one-year courses are also ideal for students transferring to MPW at the end of lower sixth to complete their A Levels or those who are retaking subjects from a low base. We also have short courses for those retaking A Levels from a higher base, and it is even possible to combine courses of different durations. We don’t skimp on the number of subjects offered either, having 30 at A Level (with no restricted combinations) and 19 at GCSE. In short, making the impossible, possible, is central to curriculum delivery at the college.

As one of the UK’s leading independent fifth- and sixth-form colleges, we pride ourselves on having created an environment where students enjoy working hard. A degree of informality outside the classroom is balanced by an intensive teaching approach within the classroom. There is no uniform, everyone addresses each other on a first-name basis and students only need to follow 10 sensible rules. However, students must embrace being taught intensively and rigorously in small classes and tested regularly. There is an absolute guarantee of fewer than 10 students in each class, and throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms weekly tests under exam conditions and across all subjects feature in the timetables of our A Level students. As a non-selective college, we employ well-qualified teachers and specialist support staff to stretch and challenge the most able, but support and nurture those who struggle. Every teacher at the college shares the common objective of helping students to succeed and, when necessary, going the extra mile to do so. In addition, many of our teachers are examiners or write textbooks for the subjects that they teach.

Each of our students has a Personal Tutor. Personal Tutors guide, support and motivate the students they are responsible for. This involves monitoring students’ general wellbeing and academic progress throughout their studies at the college, tracking their weekly test, mock exam and public exam results, liaising with their subject tutors and maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with their parents or guardians. We cannot guarantee students will never experience difficulties during their MPW studies, but we do pledge to use the systems we have in place to diagnose difficulties early and rectify them quickly and constructively.

Personal Tutors are also instrumental in helping their tutees apply for the next stage of their education, be this GCSE students applying for sixth-form places at MPW or elsewhere, or A Level students applying for university. Our Personal Tutors have considerable knowledge and experience of assisting students to apply for a range of degree courses, both in the UK and further afield. They also have access to the popular range of general and specialist university entrance books that are published within the MPW group.

The goal at MPW is to equip students with the academic and personal skills they need to advance to the next stage of their education. There is a focus on passing exams, and passing exams well, and we are not ashamed of this. Indeed, we are immensely proud of the results that our tried and tested systems produce. The Results & Destinations pages on this website show that the most commonly achieved grade at A Level is Grade A*/A and at least 70% of all A Level exams result in Grades A*-B. These statistics are impressive by anyone’s standards and they enable students to progress to top-ranking universities and competitive degree courses. Our GCSE results are also impressive, with students consistently outperforming the national average Grade A*-C pass rate by a wide margin.

MPW Cambridge is a really great place to study. However, don’t take my word on it. Please come to the college for an Open Day, an informal chat or an interview for a place. By doing so, you will meet students and staff and learn for yourself what the college has to offer. We hope to welcome you soon.

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