MY MPW (Online Portal) 

Please note. A number of MPW services have been upgraded over the summer and as a result, access to some services has changed.

The My MPW page is no longer used and its functions have been replaced by the following systems:

Email Access:

OutlookYour email can be accessed by going here:

Your login method will be the same as before:

MPW\username and password (case-sensitive)


Office365 Portal:

Office365The MPW Office365 portal can be accessed by going here:

To login, your username will be your email address and your password the same as your usual network password.


Firefly VLE:


The MPW Firefly Portal can be accessed by going here:

This uses the same login as your Office365 portal. Once you have logged into Office365, go to the Firefly site to automatically be signed into your Firefly profile as well.

(You may be asked to grant permission to Firefly when logging in for the first time – simply choose ‘Accept’ to continue.)



ProgressoThe MPW Student Record System can be accessed by going here:

You will be sent a user account creation email at the beginning of the academic year.



Further instructions and user guides for all the above systems can be found in the ‘How To Guides’ section of the MPW Firefly VLE.

Alternatively, for any assistance please contact MPW IT Support (