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GCSE Residential trip to London 2016

This year the GCSE cohort along with Lisa Foster, Joel Rickard and Chris Young experienced a two day residential visit to London.

MPW students take the floor at Business Studies trip - April 2015

On Monday, 27 April 2015 all our A Level students attended a popular Business Studies revision workshop run by Tutor2u. It was held at the VUE cinema in London where the workshops took place with enormous PowerPoint presentations displayed on the cinema screens, but there was no time to sit back and relax as the students were given workbooks and the lecturers kept the delivery really interactive.

Local MP Julian Huppert talks to GCSE students

On Monday 20th April, Liberal Democrat MP – now standing for re-election, so technically, at this present time, he is not an MP – Julian Huppert came to speak to us about his time in politics, issues with today’s politics and also issues with former politics and political figure heads. Huppert was pressed on a number of issues that surround young people today, with lots of the questions surrounding housing and tuition fees.

Mercy Ships Charity Day

On the last day of Spring Term MPW Cambridge raised £182 in just one day for Mercy Ships, a medical charity which carries out life-saving operations from hospital ships around the coast of Africa, including eye operations. See

About Us (College Video)

This video gives you an overview about the college, the teaching method and the pastoral support system employed by MPW Cambridge.

Politics students visit Westminster

On the 8th of February our school organized an amazing trip to Parliament. We met at the station around 10am and caught the fast train to London Kings Cross where we joined up with the rest of our classmates before heading off to Westminster. Despite the time of year the skies were blue and the sun was shining! As we entered the Great Hall we were struck by how large and beautiful the building was. We were then introduced to our guide for the rest of our trip.

Ethics Matters: A-level trip to ethics conference

On Wednesday 27th February students studying towards A level Religious Studies attended an Ethics Conference in Cambridge. The sessions covered some of the topics discussed at A level, including Kantian Ethics, Utilitarianism and Abortion. It was a great opportunity to look at the latest research and statistics and the views of Dr. Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy were certainly thought provoking.

Local MP meets up with GCSE students (and takes on Jo-Jo Hall!)

Julian started with a brief introduction into the role of the Government in the United Kingdom and how parliament operates before asking for questions from the floor. The students were initially a little reticent but once education and Michael Gove’s plans for the future were discussed the debate gained momentum.

Celebration of Achievement 2013

On Monday 16 December we hosted our annual Celebration of Achievement. Well done to our prize winners and thank you to everyone that attended.


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