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Why study the University of London International Foundation Programme at MPW?

Posted by: Jo Carter - 18 October 2017 - MPW London - Read time: 5 mintues

MPW is an accredited centre for teaching the University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP). This one-year course, comprising of a compulsory Mathematics/Statistics module plus three modules chosen from a list, is one of the most prestigious courses available and as well as learning the subject matter, students are prepared for the academic rigour of undergraduate study. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can expect to progress to a Russell Group university. This article will explain more about the IFP as well as MPW’s study approach.

Why choose the University of London IFP?

There are a number of University Foundation Programmes available to international students. These prepare students for various undergraduate disciplines at various universities. Not every university will accept every programme so it is important to choose one that will allow progression to your chosen institution. The University of London IFP is accepted by more leading universities than any other programme. Our graduates last year won places at Durham, Exeter, LSE, King’s, Manchester, UCL and Warwick, among others.

The IFP has a flexible structure, allowing students to tailor it to their own strengths and interests. There are four modules, only one of which is compulsory (Mathematics/Statistics). Students may then choose their remaining three modules from a list including Economics, International Relations and Politics. This will allow them to progress to a range of similar undergraduate degree courses.

The application process to study the University of London IFP is very simple and has been designed to suit students from a range of backgrounds. Students just need to apply directly to MPW who will then support them with their registration to the University of London. Students will benefit from study materials provided by both institutions.

"The University of London International Foundation Programme continues to be a great success. Students comment that the IFP was not only key to gaining places at university, but that it has also been an excellent introduction to their degree courses."

Timothy Joseph, Academic Director International

Why choose to study at MPW?

MPW is an accredited teaching centre for the University of London IFP and offers an outstanding learning environment for its students.

Experience and Approach

MPW was founded in 1973 and, although the IFP is a recent addition to our course portfolio, IFP students benefit from its longstanding core values and approach. Students at MPW have always been taught in very small class sizes; we believe that group learning is beneficial in terms of peer-to-peer interactions and discussions but also that keeping numbers low means that tutors have plenty of time to support each student individually alongside this. Our experienced and well-qualified tutors allow students to make exceptional progress and in 2016, six of our IFP students were commended nationally for achieving top marks in their examinations.

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care is second-to-none and each IFP student is assigned a Personal Tutor (PT, also known as a Director of Studies) who will look after them throughout their time at MPW. These staff members are usually tutors but they have a light teaching timetable which allows them to dedicate a lot of their time to supporting students. A PT will hold regular meetings with their tutees throughout the year. The purpose of these is to assist with university applications, providing guidance and critique for the personal statement as well as assistance with completing the UCAS form, and ensuring that students are progressing well by monitoring test results, classroom performance and homework completion.

For many international students, their time studying the IFP will also be their first time living away from home. Our friendly and approachable staff understand that settling into a new country is not always easy and will do their best to support students with this as well as in their academic studies. If a student feels homesick or is concerned about any aspect of their new life in the UK, they can always approach their PT who will do their best to provide help and reassurance, and explain anything that seems unclear. PTs also have good relationships with parents and guardians and communicate regularly with them to ensure that they are aware of how a student is faring.


The University of London provides written study material to all IFP students. In addition to this, MPW provides its own written materials to support students and provides 30 hours tuition per week to ensure that students are fully prepared. Additional English language support is available alongside this tuition for those students who require it.


Students benefit from being part of the wider community in our colleges, where there will be a cohort of A level students studying alongside them. This means that they will be fully immersed in British culture and surrounded by English speaking students outside of the classroom in communal areas such as libraries, common rooms and cafeterias. In addition to this, IFP students are able to participate in shared extra-curricular activities with their peers on other courses.


Students can choose to study at MPW in London or Cambridge, allowing them to select a study experience that best suits them. Both are world-renowned historical and beautiful cities and both are an ideal study location for an international student with convenient access to local airports and a wide range of amenities. Their main difference is in size; London is the UK’s largest city and as such has a far greater range of facilities than Cambridge. It is cosmopolitan and vibrant but its size and busy atmosphere can be overwhelming. Cambridge on the other hand is a very small city with a friendly atmosphere and beautiful architecture; however it does not have the same range of shops, galleries, museums and theatres that are available in the capital. MPW’s fundamental principles and teaching approach does not differ between the colleges.


Our results and destinations for all students, including IFP, are exceptional. At the time of writing we are awaiting the results of our most recent cohort but last year, 100% of our students received a university offer, 87% of which were to Russell Group universities. Students chose to study a range of disciplines including: Politics, Philosophy and Economics; Business and Management; Mathematics; International Relations; and even Criminology, which demonstrates the wide range of progression opportunities and specialisms available to IFP graduates.

Last year’s students were rewarded with an excellent set of results culminating in an outstanding number of top university offers from around the world:

IFP progression statistic

The University of London International Foundation Programme offers students outstanding teaching facilities and a range of progression opportunities. MPW and the IFP are the obvious choice for international students wishing to study an undergraduate course at a UK university.

For more information about where to study, see our article how to choose the right foundation schools.