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Five ways Easter revision courses get you exam ready

Posted by: MPW - 14 February 2024 - MPW Group - Read time: 4 minutes

For many of us, Easter is a time when we throw off the shackles of winter and look forward to warmer weather, holidays, and, of course, chocolate.

However, if you are an A level or GCSE student, Easter heralds the start of the countdown to exams season, with all of its attendant stress and hard work. If you are an A level student, your exam results will determine your university destination. If you’re sitting GCSEs, they will dictate which subjects you will go on to study at Sixth Form. Either way, those summer exams really are one of the most important steps on your academic journey.

This is where Easter revision courses find their niche. They offer those students in need of extra support an invaluable opportunity to get a head start on prep for their exams.

If you are worried about the looming exams, or want to maximise your chances of achieving top grades, here are five important ways in which an Easter revision course can help you:

1: Provide focus and structure to revision
The urge to try and learn absolutely every detail about a particular subject can make it difficult to focus on what’s important. An Easter revision course helps you to gain a high-level understanding of core topic areas and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This provides a clear focus around which you can build an effective revision strategy.

2: Help your hone exam technique
The after-effects of the pandemic mean that you may still not have the depth of experience of sitting formal exams that you’d like. The main focus of an Easter revision course is on past paper practice which will help you to layer up exam experience and reveal gaps in your knowledge. You can also receive practical guidance on exam technique, how to manage your time in exams effectively and answering strategies.

3: Give access to expert guidance
The best Easter revision courses provide you with access to highly qualified tutors, and in many cases examiners, with considerable teaching experience. Who better to provide guidance on taking exams than a trained examiner? They’re attuned to the requirements and approaches demanded by the various examining boards.

4: Offer a motivating learning environment
Being part of a dynamic group with a shared purpose can be very motivating. It also helps to keep students focused and committed. Ideally, the best providers limit the number of students per class to single figures, allowing you to enjoy lots of interaction and individual support from tutors.

5: Boost your confidence
What a you gain during an Easter revision course – a high level understanding of your subject, experience of formal timed assessments, an effective revision plan – will instil in you the assuredness to face the summer exams head on. It’s a cliché to say that practice makes perfect, but it undoubtably breeds confidence.

The benefits of taking an Easter revision course are clear. So which course provider do you choose? It is important to focus on experience and reputation, as this is an investment in your future in many ways. Here at MPW, we have been delivering Easter revision courses for over 35 years. We offer A level and GCSE Easter revision courses in a wide range of subjects, featuring:

  • small class sizes (a maximum of nine students, an average of six) to ensure tailored support for each student;
  • pre-course screening to identify gaps in knowledge or specific areas of concern to address;
  • an emphasis on developing understanding, rather than learning, of core topic areas;
  • board-specific syllabus coverage at A level;
  • a focus on exam techniques and extensive past-paper practice;
  • access to subject experts and trained examiners.

Our students leave their course with the knowledge, techniques, and study skills they need to boost their exam performance. Perhaps most importantly of all, they leave with a sense of preparedness to face their exams with confidence and achieve the grades they deserve, setting them on the path to academic success. Our Easter Revision courses run from 25th March to 12st April 2024 in London, Birmingham and Cambridge.

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