AS and A2 Level Course Outlines


This course is designed to cover all modules of the AS and A2 examination.   It will also include advice on study skills and examination technique and will provide opportunities to practise questions under timed conditions. Topics will be covered with particular regard to answering essay questions or “problem” scenarios as appropriate to the modules.

The course covers the following topics that are common to all specifications:

Topic 1 (AS) - Statutory interpretation and delegated legislation

Topic 2 (AS) - Precedent and Influences upon Parliament

Topic 3 (AS) - Judges and lay people

Topic 4 (AS) - Legal profession and alternative to courts

Topic 5 (AS) - Civil liability in negligence and remedies

Topic 6 (A2) - Criminal liability and sanctions

Topic 7 (A2) - Non fatal offences against the person and defences

Topic 8 (A2) - Murder, manslaughter and defences

Topic 9 (A2) - Theft, robbery and burglary

Topic 10 (A2) - Deception / Fraud, criminal damage and defences