Breakfast Club – Fit to work; focussed to succeed!

Breakfast Club – Fit to work; focussed to succeed!

“Come to the BBC!” was the rallying cry on the morning of Tuesday, June 4th. Was this an opportunity to be famous on television? No, but it was something just as good – an invitation to “Bridget’s Breakfast Club”

Breakfast club has started to become something of a regular feature at MPW Birmingham and has been intended to give students a healthy start to the day when they are having exams. With strawberries, blueberries, bananas on offer alongside fruit juices, the 5 a day was definitely on the agenda, but chocolate croissants added a decadent edge!

Breakfast is really important; the word itself means ‘break the fast’, as the previous meal is typically 8–10 hours before waking up in the morning. Breakfast is important in re-fuelling the body with energy and nutrients, kick-starting the day. We know that students who have eaten breakfast can concentrate better and have a longer attention span, helping them to learn effectively and fulfil their potential in examinations.

Whilst enjoying breakfast, the students took the opportunity to carry out some last minute revision for their GCSE English exam by taking part in a rapid fire quiz to identify the key words in examination questions, sharing advice as to how to answer them and having their “I can and I will” attitude endorsed. Even at 9am in the morning, these GCSE English students were definitely focussed to succeed – hopefully this will be demonstrated in their exam results in the summer!