Climbing to New Heights!

Climbing to New Heights!

In January, as part our enrichment programme, a group of students made the short journey over to our local climbing centre to try their hand at rock climbing. Only a few of the students had tried it before, so there was a degree of excitement, anticipation and probably fear amongst them!

After the obligatory safety talk (where we were reassured that we were safe as long as we follow the rules) we had our harnesses put on us and were let loose on the various climbing walls. Some of the walls were beginner level and this is where most of us started our climbing adventure.

Ten minutes after starting, the students had long since conquered their fear and were progressing up the more complex routes. These routes went higher, had more lumps and bumps and far fewer handholds to make use of.

Unfortunately, at this point, I was still firmly attached to the beginner wall and was seemingly unable to conquer my fear of going higher than about 2 metres off the ground. Gavin, Tajasvi and Charis on the other hand had no such problems and were engaged in a competition of who could climb the highest. Gavin ultimately made the most progress and had no problem scaling the toughest run, although the other students were not far behind. It was not long before our stamina was sapped, so we took a refreshment break before embarking on a second run. It was amazing how fast the students learned and so were able to make even more impressive progress in the second half. As we finished, there were lots of aching arms, wobbly legs and exhausted students, but on the whole, we were all pleased that we had tried something new and will be definitely making it a regular visit!