GCSE Interviews

GCSE Interviews

With the academic year drawing to a close, we dropped into a PSHE lesson to ask Year 11 students Tajasvi, Charis and Zahra to interview each other about their MPW experience.

Charis - What’s your favourite lesson? Why?
Tajasvi -
My favourite lesson is English. Having been born in the Netherlands, I have always been keen to develop my knowledge of English. Bridget teaches us and she’s introduced us all to a new vocabulary. I’m defiantly going to study English Literature at A level.

Charis - How does the college compare to your previous college/school?
Tajasvi -
You are in smaller classes here. There are only five of us in my group. We spend a lot of time with each other! It’s good though because I can ask my tutor questions whenever I’m stuck on a task. At my old school it was always a bit daunting. I like getting to know the A Level students as well. There’s more of a family vibe here as everyone gets to know each other. The timed assignments are really good.

Tajasvi - Who is your favourite teacher?
Zahra -
My favourite teacher is Bridget. She is an excellent English teacher and you can tell she wants us to do really well.

Zahra - Take us through your daily routine at MPW?
Charis -
The day begins at 8.45am when we all head to registration. It’s a good time to chat with James, my personal tutor, about any problems we have. From there we have lessons from 9am to 12pm then a one hour lunch break. Depending on what day it is we sometimes head into the city centre to grab a sandwich. Then it’s lessons from 1-4pm. On Tuesday we spend the afternoon at the sports centre and on Wednesday we have homework club from 4-5pm.

Charis - Describe a memorable moment at MPW?
Zahra -
The trip to the German Market was a lot of fun. We saw art, ate German food and saw a lot of Christmas sculptures. I really liked the sweets!

Tajasvi - Which subject are you the strongest in?
Charis –
Spanish. I’m the only student in the group for Spanish as the other students study German. It means that I get to learn the subject with Beatrice (the Spanish tutor) on my own. I used to live in Spain as well. I love it!

Charis - What subject do you want to study next?
Tajasvi -
I want to be a dentist so I’ve decided to study Biology, Chemistry, English and Psychology. I’ve never studied Psychology before so I’m really excited about that. Learning how the brain works seems so interesting.

Tajasvi - How have you enjoyed the enrichment sessions?
Zahra –
Yes. A lot of the students play basketball or football but I really like going to the gym. I try and beat my personal best on the rowing machine each week. It’s hard work!