Jacob makes Team GB!

Birmingham A63

Jacob Mann is in his first year of A level studies at MPW College Birmingham, studying German, Maths and Physics.  A keen sportsman, Jacob has recently been selected for Under-17 British American Football Team.  We caught up with Jacob to find out more about what his selection means to him.

Congratulations on getting into the national under-17 team!  You must be over the Moon?

“I am!  After the trials I tried not to let myself get carried away.  There were so many incredible athletes at the West Midlands trials, I can only imagine what the competition was like in London and the other 3 events.  I have worked hard this year to achieve this though which makes it feel all the more rewarding.”

What was involved in the trials?

“I was watched in a game playing wide receiver but it was the individual trials that were the most gruelling.  They tested me on speed, route running, catching and one-on-one situations.  It was tough.”

When did you first become interested in American Football?

“I watched Super Bowl 48 in 2015.  The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks.  Following that I trained with the Birmingham Bulls before (braking my ankle!) and moving to the Birmingham Lions.”

You recently attended a training camp in Germany.  How was that compared to your experience of the sport in the UK?

“Although it was in Germany, the training camp was very much American.  The American coaches were very different to what I had experienced in the UK.  They had worked within the NFL and had first-hand experience of what it takes to train and play at the very highest level.  It was hard work but I think I was able to keep up with what they expected.”