Birmingham students win awards at MUN

MPW Birmingham students win awards at MUN

Each year, MPW Birmingham students attend the Annual Model United Nations event at Haileybury College.  Run by the various United Nation Associations across the world, it offers students the chance to be a delegate at an ‘as real’ General Assembly.  Eleven feisty and enthusiastic students, two countries and an intriguing theme, Generation Y equalled the 2015 Haileybury Model United Nations. Lead by tutors Bridget Hutchings and Gary Durrant, MPW Birmingham attended their fourth conference in March alongside 700 students from countries as far afield as USA. The opportunity to represent a country which is not only a core member of the Security Council, the Russian Federation, but one which had been causing huge controversy on the world stage, and the environmentally interesting Ghana across committees ranging from Disarmament to Human Rights, brought together over twenty students to Debating on a weekly basis. We are delighted that the team not only acquitted themselves with great aplomb, but two members, Kyra Bowman and Aaron Odedra, went on to win Outstanding Delegate Awards.