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MPW Birmingham 5 v 3 MPW Cambridge

On Tuesday the 28th April MPW Birmingham hosted MPW Cambridge in a football match. For several years now the two colleges have entered into a friendly rivalry with matches taking place both home and away. Earlier on in the season we travelled to Cambridge for the first leg and left with a two goals to one victory. It was a close encounter and Birmingham won the game thanks to a wonder strike from Arun Burgess.

Regrettably Arun picked up an injury during his involvement in the recent football tournament at St George’s Park and so was unable to play against Cambridge this time round. We anticipated a tough game against a good Cambridge team and this is exactly what happened.  Despite going ahead thanks to a well-executed free kick from Gavin Sunder Cambridge went onto dominate the first half. They played some excellent football and exposed a lack of coherency within the Birmingham team. If truth be told, Cambridge could actually have completed the half with a superior goal advantage to the three goals to one lead they had. This was in part due to an exceptional save from Harry Gadd.

As clichés go the saying that football is a game of two halves is right up there with the best of them or worst of them depending on how you look at it. However, the second half produced a performance from Birmingham that displayed little resemblance to what happened in the first half. There are varying theories as to why this happened. In the first half the wind worked in Cambridge’s favour and in the second half they had to endure the elements working against them in the way that Birmingham did previously. Another perspective that the small squad Cambridge brought ensured that fatigue was bound to emerge also has some credibility. As must the obvious notion that the Cambridge team may have allowed some complacency to creep in.

The most plausible explanation as to what actually happened is that the previously mentioned scenarios all played their part but the single and most compelling reason as to why Birmingham eventually ran out  five goals to three winners is they wanted it more. Much of this is rooted in the unpretentious and hardworking attitude that exemplifies the West Midlands. The Birmingham students knew that they possessed no entitlement to just turn up and win. They knew they would have to work hard, stick together as a team, respect the decisions of the referee and never give up. To reverse a three goals to one deficit at half-time took considerable determination and resolve and speaks volumes about the character of the players. Congratulations to the MPW Birmingham football team for their outstanding performance in beating MPW Cambridge by five goals to three and regaining the MPW Challenge Trophy which now sits proudly in the Principal’s office.