Birmingham A62

At the end of last term, a small group of MPW students took part in MH:2K (Mental Health 2k).  Led by Katie Lee and MH:2K coordinator Michelle Bennett, the group delivered a workshop to Year 11 students on the challenges young people have in maintaining good mental health. 

Mental health conditions affect about 1 in 10 young people, with vulnerable groups particularly at risk. Young people have a unique and vital perspective on their mental health – the challenges they face, information they need, and what is and isn’t working for them.  By harnessing young people’s experiences and views, decision-makers can gain deeper understanding of mental health issues in their area and new insights about effective solutions for prevention, support and services. They can better serve the diversity of their youth populations.
Having young people deliver sessions to their peers is a powerful tool in sharing information and advice on maintaining strong mental health.

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