Running Club

MPW Running Club

This year has seen the launch of Running Club at MPW Birmingham. Here at the college we are aware that a healthy body can make a healthy mind. Organised by A2 student Jenny Musgrave, the club takes place once a week and makes full use of the colleges location by using Birmingham University as its route. Running Club is an excellent example of how MPW nurtures and supports students ideas on how they can add to the college enrichment programme.

We caught up with Jenny to find out more about her passion for running.

I have been running since I was 10 years old. Having been asked by a primary school teacher at the last minute to replace someone on the cross country team, I realised my passion and enthusiasm for running. From that day onwards, running has been a very important hobby for me. Throughout my school years I ran for West Midlands County, Solihull Borough and Solihull & Small Heath Athletics Club. It was a big commitment as at one time I was training four times a week and racing most weekends. As a result I made some fantastic friends, some of which I am still in touch with now. Races always had a great atmosphere with everyone encouraging each other celebrating each other’s achievement.

Although Basketball is my main sport, I continue to run in my spare time as I found it a great way to deal with the stress of my studies. I quickly began to miss the competitive side of running so I began to take part in half marathons and 10km fun runs to gain my competitiveness ‘fix’, and I still do today. I would often raise money for charity by doing these events, which was an added bonus. My goal is to one day participate in the London Marathon. Whether you want to gain fitness, relieve stress or make friends, running is a great activity to take part.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!