Student Poetry

Student Poetry

Anna Farquharson has just completed a one-year A level course in English Literature at MPW Birmingham and will be studying English Literature and Philosophy at University next year. Anna
is already an accomplished poet; here we share just a few of our favourite pieces that Anna has written:

Losing Myself in the Story

Walking along, homeward bound,
expanding an idea I’ve found;
many an attempt, many a try
to try and discover, who am I?
Pen to paper, scratching heard
as I describe the morning bird
singing to a changing sky
and thinking about who am I?
Feeling the words within the page,
picturing the changes at every stage,
as characters laugh, characters cry
losing my thought of who am I?
Not listening to the words read,
imagining myself there instead,
imagining myself soaring high,
forgetting to wonder, who am I?
The final result is anyone’s guess;
I’m still feeling the words that caress
and attack the sadness seen in my eye
and my unanswered question, who am I?

*Do not undermine...*

Do not undermine
what you cannot understand;
love and life and the universe
and whether it is planned.
Life within a constant flux
changes who we are;
the good like golden plasters
covering the bad scars.
In this ever-changing world,
everything man made will go,
even the greatest monuments
disappear without a show.
One thing will last forever
and see life to the end;
Love is never ending,
a successful life’s true friend.