The Challenge

The Challenge

The Challenge is a UK based charity that supports local people through colleges and other institutions. This year, we joined forces with The Challenge who visited the college to promote their exciting projects to our GCSE and AS students.

We spoke to current A Level student Tajasvi Dhar about her experience of the Challenge last summer and why giving something back to the local community can make a difference.

What attracted you to The Challenge?
The aspect of meeting new people my own age and then carrying out activities that are outside of my comfort zone. I really wanted to be more confident and trying out new things. The Challenge has definitely helped. This has all helped me to be a more rounded person.

Was it everything you hoped it would be?
It was everything and more! I thoroughly enjoyed every part of The Challenge. It’s a great way of improving as a person and completing activities which look impressive in your personal statement for UCAS.

Tell us a bit about the week. How was it structured?
There were four parts to The Challenge. The first was a trip to Cumbria, which involved outdoor activities such as: Hiking, Rowing, White Water Rafting, Camping and Abseiling. The second part was learning how to live in University accommodation which included how to cook for yourself. This part included a visit to an elderly person’s home and performing a play for them which we wrote and directed with the support of a Drama teacher. The third part involved working with a charity. Our team engaged with Women’s Refuge who we raised money for through a sponsored walk. The last part of the Challenge required us to focus on a global problem and try and find a solution for it. The campaign we put together was called “Pollution Solution”.

What was your favourite part?
My favourite part of The Challenge was living with team mates and playing fun games and cooking with each other.

Which was the most difficult?
The most difficult part was definitely without question the hike and camping. I had never done either of them before and it proved to be very difficult for someone who is used to their comfy bed.

Would you recommend the CHALLENGE?
I would definitely recommend The Challenge because it really teaches you to be more independent and gives you a lot of insight on what University life is about. It also provided me with an opportunity to help the community whilst making new friends.