A Cultural Experience: GCSE Students Visit the German Market & Birmingham Museum

A Cultural Experience: GCSE Students Visit the German Market & Birmingham Museum

An invitation to explore the huge German market running from Broad Street down the length of New Street only ten days before Christmas was an opportunity not to be missed, especially as it gave us the chance to extend the students’ vocabulary and knowledge of German food and culture.

We therefore set out on a very icy December morning to sample its delights: traditional stalls offering an array of beautiful handmade toys, Christmas decorations and original jewellery. Instead of the usual dash to Morrison’s or Tesco’s, grilled sausages (bratwurst), vegetarian options, pretzels and for those with a sweet tooth, gingerbread, crepes and marzipan sweets were the order of the day and certainly helped to keep out the cold. In the afternoon, an entirely different experience beckoned us to the Birmingham Museum.

“Immerse yourself in over 500 years of life, passion, strife and achievement” was the invitation to GCSE History and Humanities students. In the iconic ‘Birmingham History Galleries’, Mark Wilson lead his students in an exploration of the city’s global heritage from medieval times and the industrial revolution, through to the World Wars – to the technology-led life of the 21st century.

The students thoroughly enjoyed an interactive experience, which brings the city into sharp focus. It reflects how the people of Birmingham and its industries have shaped not only the city, but the world as we know it today. With models, interactive displays and hands-on activities, History was brought to life and proved to be an extremely enjoyable experience with which to round off the day.