Brindleyplace Geography Field Trip

Birmingham F19

A crucial part of the Geography A level course at MPW is getting out, meeting people and conducting face-to-face research with the people of Birmingham.  Our second year A level Geography students visited Brindleyplace to discover the Birmingham public's thoughts and feelings of the recent regeneration taking place in Birmingham.

Birmingham is currently going through major redevelopment in the city centre.  Paradise Forum has disappeared to reveal the breathtaking Victorian landscape made up of the Town Hall, The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Birmingham Council House.  It feels like an exciting time to be a Brummy!  

Long before the recent redevelopment, Brindleyplace, which is located next to an array of canals, went through a similar redevelopment that saw an area once heaving with industry transformed into a modern working environment and modern restaurants. 

With redevelopment the theme, our students took to the workers and diners of Brindleyplace to discover their thoughts on the recent changes that Birmingham has undergone.  Their results form the foundation of their coursework projects.