Bristol University trip

Birmingham F22 (4)

Before applying to university at the start of their A2 year, it is absolutely vital that students visit any university which they are seriously considering applying to.  Universities differ to such great extents, both in their general characteristics and in the courses they offer.  There are also major differences between similar courses at different universities; so while it may seem that a Biochemistry course at Birmingham will be the same as one at Liverpool, there will often be massive difference, both in course content and structure.

It is often only possible to appreciate these differences when you have visited the university and been to the department you are interested in to research the course.  In addition to this, the general characteristics of each university are very different.  Some students really enjoy the secluded nature of a rural campus university, while others prefer the hustle and bustle of a busy city university.

The subject talks were very well constructed and gave the students essential information on course content and structure.  At the same time, many students picked up tips on exactly what the admissions tutors look for in a competitive application; points that will no doubt prove useful when completing a UCAS application.