Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Birmingham F13

To celebrate the end of the Spring term, the Art and Photography department travelled to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton to spend a day enjoying open-air displays by some of the world’s finest sculptors.  For the art students, it was a chance to marvel at the technical prowess that goes into such large scale works.  For the photography students, it was the perfect opportunity to execute their camera skills; capturing abstract sculptures in front of the breath-taking Yorkshire landscape.  As well as experience the work of the masters, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Andy Goldsworthy, students were introduced to the eerie and surreal cinematic work of Bill Viola.  Seeing the artist’s interpretations of the after-life in a small dark chapel at the top of a Yorkshire hill was an inspiring experience that nobody will forget anytime soon. After a long day of walking an absorbing the experiences and work on offer, students have now used their photographs and notes to support their ideas in the final examination projects.