The college offers a limited number of bursaries each academic year which give between 10 and 50% remission on tuition fees. The nature of these bursaries and the specific criteria on which they are awarded are set out in our Bursaries Policy.

In every case, we seek to satisfy ourselves that students in receipt of bursaries are suited to the ethos of MPW. Moreover, students who are awarded bursaries must be prepared to contribute to the college’s reputation by maintaining good punctuality and attendance, submitting work on time, participating in broader aspects of college life and behaving in a manner befitting an MPW ambassador. We reserve the right to withdraw bursaries whenever conditions pertaining to punctuality, attendance, submission of work, participation and behaviour are not met.

With the exception of Sixth Form Continuation Bursaries (see our Bursaries Policy), the following conditions apply to eligibility and the application procedure:

  •  Any student applying for a programme of one year’s duration or more is eligible to apply for a bursary.
  •  Applications for bursaries must be made in writing at or before the interview stage of the admissions process by the parents or guardians of the student for whom the bursary is being applied.
  • Under no circumstances can a bursary be awarded after a student has begun studying at the college, for example at the midpoint of a two-year course.
  • For students applying for a September start, preference will be given to those applications received by the last day of the preceding Summer Term.