Parent Comments

'In what has ended up being an extremely challenging year for teachers, pupils and parents, MPW, from the interview stage to results day, has provided clear and concise and timely communication at all points of the year and therefore avoided unnecessary speculation and confusion. The unfaltering support from an academic and pastoral perspective exceeded our expectations and has resulted in my son who was resitting his A levels becoming a confident and driven individual who has succeeded in his endeavours despite the COVID landscape which has been a challenge for all.'

'A huge thank you to Frankie, Markus and all subject teachers that my son was lucky enough to meet and learn from. As a result of this year’s experience, we are now planning that my son’s brother also attend MPW Cambridge to sit his 2 year A level course.' Parent of student (UK)

'We are very pleased with our daughter's result and extremely excited about she has now fulfilled her dream. We both know that she worked extremely hard and was determined to obtain the best possible results, however your personal assistance, her other teacher’s professionalism and dedication, and great support from MPW made her life easier and her goal more achievable. I’d like to say thank you for being there for our daughter, encouraging and assisting her whenever she needed in the past year. We would also like to pass on our sincere thanks to her teachers for their hard work, patience and excellent knowledge and skills. As a family we are extremely grateful how MPW had helped us for the past year. Parent of student (UK)

'Our daughter has received her A level result. We are all so proud of her. I would like once again to pass on my sincere thanks to her Personal Tutor and her teacher for all their support and effort this year. The experience and the result have played a huge role in building her confidence and self-belief.' Parent of student (UK)

'I wanted to thank you and MPW for all that you have done for our daughter. She asked for a second chance with A levels, and you gave her the opportunity and the help she needed. Our daughter is delighted with her results. She is a much happier and more confident person than she was a year ago and is looking forward to the next stage at the Newcastle University. Thank you! Parent of student (UK)

'As I have said before, we wish we had discovered MPW earlier. We have appreciated the quality and characters of staff that we have encountered at MPW. Kudos to you all.' Mother of a student (UK)

‘MPW has something special to offer and I think it’s worth shouting louder about. Our son entered the U17 County Championships and won an event. He has now been invited to compete in the County Schools Track and Field Championships. Without MPW’s acceptance of our son and your  flexible approach to education, young athletes would always have to choose between their sport and a school’s inflexible timetable. MPW has given our son back to us. He’s made some lovely friends and never been happier.’ Parent of student (UK)

'We are absolutely thrilled with our son's fantastic A level results and want to say a very very big thank you to you and all the staff at MPW.  From the instant I spoke with you last August I was hugely reassured that retakes were the right path to take and that MPW was the right place to do them. I have been so impressed with MPW's staff and teaching methods and the results speak for themselves.' Mum of an A level retake student (UK)

'Just a note to say thank you to you all for supporting our son this year and helping him achieve his goals. Fantastic results and an immense relief for us. As you know, I was very concerned about progress over the last year and probably wasn't the easiest parent to deal with - our previous experiences completely blew my policy of putting my faith in a school.  Anyway, I am delighted to be proved wrong, and sincerely thank you all.' Mother of a one-year A level student (UK)

'I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at MPW Cambridge, teachers and staff members, for the help and support offered to our daughter. Enrolled only for the last year of A-Level, she was happy during her studies, improved her knowledge, increased her results and she made some friends also. The dedicated teaching staff, small number of students in classes, the constant tests and continuous evaluation helped our daughter to achieve her personal target and to receive offers from selected universities. As a parent, who was in close contact with school, I can say that I’ve always received the requested information and support from MPW’s staff members and I am grateful for that. I wish I have enrolled our daughter at MPW from the first year of A-level.' Father of a one-year A level student (International)

'Thank you for your patience and support for our son over such a difficult period of his life. We sincerely appreciate your professional approach and are thoroughly impressed by MPW!' Parents of a GCSE student (UK)

'MPW has clearly been a such good choice for our son, not only academically but also in terms of his confidence and way of working. We have been so impressed with how he has adapted to independent study and working consistently throughout the year. It is lovely to see, and is preparing him so well for life at university. Your ongoing input has definitely been invaluable, so thank you.' Parent of two-year A level student (UK)

'Thank you so much for all the support you have given to my daughter, clarifying all my queries promptly and updating me about her well-being during the last 9 months when she was studying at MPW Cambridge. And finally, thanks for being such a wonderful Personal Tutor.' Parent of one-year A level student (International)

'My opinion of MPW as a parent could not be higher. The teachers are outstanding, supportive and extremely knowledgeable in guiding students through the labyrinthine process of subject choices and university applications. This is a truly excellent school. The teachers and Tutors really know how to maximize the potential in every child, not by cramming but by educating, in the best possible sense of the word. Thank you so much.' Parent of two-year A level student (UK)

'I want to thank you and the team very much for all you have done for my son. Whatever his results, you have helped put him together again and I am eternally in your debt. I am deliberately thanking you before we know the results, as they do not affect how grateful I am.' Father of one-year A level student (UK)

‘Huge thanks for everything you have done for our daughter this past year supporting, prompting, organising - I really and truly can't thank you enough. Thanks also to the rest of the MPW team. We are over the moon and very emotional here!’ Parents of one-year A level student (UK)

‘You can imagine how my daughter feels and how happy I am for her. I am so grateful to her teachers. She couldn't have done it without your splendid teaching and support. All good wishes and heartfelt thanks.’ Parents of two years A level course student (UK based)

‘As parents, we are immensely grateful for your unwavering help and support of our son over the last year.  This has enabled him to achieve what we initially considered Mission Impossible. We feel, that as a dedicated team at MPW, you have helped him to realise his full potential and what he is really capable of. We cannot thank you enough. His excellent results have not only exceeded our expectations, but have opened many new opportunities for him. We have no doubt that this is due in large part to you and his talented committed teachers.’ Parents of two-year A level student (International)

‘Thank you very much for steering our son through to University. Not the easiest of students I would imagine - and given his intelligence very frustrating at times. You handled him perfectly. And coped with dad too who was a little like a blunderbuss at times I feel. He's now got a new start and a chance to shine.’ Parents of two years A level course student (UK based)

‘We are very grateful for your help in getting our son to the university of his choice.’ Parents of one-year A level student

‘Thank you for your help in the last year. She has achieved what she wanted, which is brilliant, she swung it herself. Very proud of her.’ Parents of one-year A level student (UK)

‘Wow, what a fantastic achievement, we are over the moon. One academic year and he has learnt to learn. Thank you. His drive and determination has been installed by the magnificent team at MPW.’ Parents of a GCSE student (UK)

‘Keep pinching myself that this really is happening that our lovely son did this and he worked so hard. He became a different person while attending MPW the last year with all his lovely personality and attitude showing through.’ Parents of a GCSE student (UK)

‘Thank you so much for your perseverance with our son. I didn't think in my wildest dreams that my little boy with dyslexia would ever achieve in English. This result is testament to your ability as a teacher and the faith you gave to him. Thank you so much once again. So chuffed.’ Parents of a GCSE student (UK)

'We are delighted with our son's results and that his application to his chosen university has been successful. From our first meeting we knew we were in good hands and would like to thank you and all your colleagues for all that you have done to support our son this year.' Parents of short retake A Level course student (UK)

'My wife and I wanted to thank you and all of your team who were involved in helping our son in his A level retakes. Not only did he more than achieve what he needed, he went from an ‘E’ to an ‘A’ in Geography. I know he worked hard, but he also enjoyed his courses which is down to the inspirational teaching of your staff. He is not a natural academic but you managed to guide and help him to achieve his goals. We cannot thank you enough.' Parents of one-year A level student (UK)

'We are absolutely thrilled with our son's A level results. MPW has proved to be the best place for him this past year. I have seen his attitude change - he has become much more enthusiastic about his subjects and confident in his abilities. He has had some difficult health and personal issues to deal with and MPW has without doubt played a big part in keeping him encouraged and focused. He is now looking forward to studying at his first choice of university, something that he didn't think was attainable a year ago. Thank you to all the staff at MPW.' Parent of one-year A level student (UK)

'He is blown away with his results! Our thanks go to his Personal Tutor and all his teachers for the excellent support he has had all this year. The whole MPW experience has been such a positive time, boosting his confidence and repairing some of the damage of past difficult times as well as helping him get the grades he needed! UCAS have confirmed his place at his first choice of university. Thank you once again for everything.' Parent of one-year A level student (UK)

'I wanted to express our thanks for all your help and support with our daughter. Whatever she goes on to do, I am sure that having your input and that of MPW has been of real importance to her.' Parent of one-year A level student (UK)

'We are grateful beyond words for how you and MPW have helped to shape both our daughter and son. There is no doubt in my mind that this would not have happened elsewhere and we feel very lucky that they both had the opportunity to study at MPW.'Parents of two-year A level students (UK)

'When our daughter joined MPW a year ago, becoming a medic was just a dream; we now owe you and your colleagues an enormous debt for all you did to enable her to get the required grades. Her achievement in getting an A* in Chemistry is stunning and it would not have been possible without your dedicated, professional teaching and personal support.' Parents one-year A level student (UK)

'A blend of fantastic, skilled teaching and a welcoming, positive, friendly attitude from everyone who works at MPW Cambridge has rediscovered the intelligent, motivated and conscientious boy we always knew was there!' Parents of two-year A level student (UK)

'Two years ago I was told by his previous school that our son was not suited to university... How far he has come since then; and a good deal of that distance is thanks to you... Thank you for believing in and for encouraging him.' Parent of one-year A Level student (UK)

'I would like to thank you for all the help you gave our daughter in achieving her first choice at university... Your staff have been exceptional in helping her to overcome her difficulties.' Parent of two-year A level student (UK)

"Thank you so much for all your help in enabling our son to secure his first choice university course. Your concern, support and guidance have meant so very much to us all." Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

"Your patience and continued support have really made a difference to our daughter's outcome... We have particularly appreciated the high level of communication and honesty which, from a parent's perspective, can be difficult to achieve. Thank you very much indeed." Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

"Many thanks for all your help... Our son is very pleased to have got into university. I will definitely be recommending MPW to others!" Parent of one-year A Level student (UK)

"Our daughter has loved her time at MPW and started to say 'I love school', the only time she has ever said that in her whole school career. We would thoroughly recommend MPW to anyone and everyone." Parents of one-year GCSE student (UK)

"We would like to say a big thank you to all of you at MPW for giving our son the confidence in himself to believe and to realise that he is a capable young man. You have encouraged him to aim higher and not to just be satisfied with the lowest grade." Parents of two-year A level student (UK)

"I want to let you know how wonderful my son's teachers at MPW were. They were both interesting, encouraging and supportive teachers and he could not have hoped for a higher standard of tuition nor for a more congenial and helpful learning environment."Parent of one-year A Level student (UK)

"Our son has just graduated from university with first class honours... We are all so thrilled and wanted to thank MPW for teaching him how to work and for helping to get to university in the first place." Parents of two-year A level student (UK)

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your staff. Under the expert guidance of your team and in particular his Personal Tutor, he has flourished. He is now more confident and self-assured, aware that he has a place in the world. Achieving his first choice university place has made him ‘10 feet tall’... We are so grateful to you for helping him achieve this.” Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic help that you have given our son. You have managed to inspire him with a new confidence in his academic ability. He has had offers from all 5 universities and I think much of the credit is due to you.” Parent of short retake A Level course student (UK)

“You played a huge part in getting our daughter to university, we could not have asked for a better Personal Tutor. Thank you very much for all your hard work.” Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

“This is a ‘thank you’ for all the help you gave our son on results day. Without your guidance we are sure that he would not have into his university of choice. He loves his degree course and has settled down extremely well – it is so good to see that, thanks to you all, our son is back on track and thoroughly enjoying himself.” Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

“Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you have given our son over the past few months. He is extremely lucky to have been to MPW and to have had such an excellent teaching experience from you all.” Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

“Very many thanks for all of your support of our daughter. Thanks to you, I know that she deserved to attain her A; she has always been conscientious and diligent in her studies, but she is now also very motivated by her subject.” Parent of short retake A Level course student (UK)

“We have been very impressed with all the help, tuition and encouragement our son has received whilst at MPW. It is obviously a stressful time as he approaches his exams, but we are confident he is receiving 100% support.” Parents of one-year A Level student (UK)

“I thought I might take a moment to write to thank you for all the support, encouragement and enthusiasm that you and the college provided to my son during his time at MPW. We are very pleased with the way he developed in his time with you; both from an academic perspective, and in his personal development, evident through his increase in confidence. I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to his subject tutor also, who made the subject most enjoyable and rewarding.” Parent of one-year A level student (UK)

“A belated - and very sincere - thank you for your endless patience and perseverance with our son. At undergraduate level, I’m sure your work will stand him in good stead. Greatly appreciated and I know he had real respect for you all at MPW.” Parent of two-year A level student (UK)