Student Case Histories


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Ash Crop

Ash joined MPW to retake her A levels, and to add another A level to her portfolio. Ash says:

Having secured CCC last year, I can say that my year at MPW went a lot better as I had higher attendance and more consistency with my subject content.


It was great to have an opportunity to pick up a completely new A level (Psychology), which I completed in one year. The class atmosphere has been fantastic. I really liked my Chemistry class as my teacher made everything seem so elementary, even the hardest of topics!


I found it very helpful to be tested on my knowledge and to understand how I am doing on a weekly basis. Before MPW I never really knew what my weaknesses were or what level I was at in my subjects.


I didn’t expect to make as many friends as I did. I enjoyed revising together with them and working in small groups in the internet library and study rooms. 

Following a great year, Ash achieved A*AA in Psychology, Maths and Chemistry and is going on to the University of York to read Psychology.


Buster Crop

Buster joined MPW to complete his chosen A levels on a one-year programme. Buster says:

The strong sense of community and family at MPW created a fun environment which has made my time here fly. I will miss the teachers I'm lucky enough to call friends and their enthusiasm for the subjects. The respect I received from my teachers was possibly the most important thing for the year, I was comfortable enough to enjoy each lesson and learn to love learning, something I have never experienced before. 

My Personal Tutor has been a big part of the college as they went above and beyond to help with everything. The weekly assessments helped me to keep a track of my studies and get me in the best shape for taking the exams. 

Overall, my experience here has been mind changing. It's a shame that I have to leave MPW!


Buster secured A*AA in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He is now bound for the University of Bath to read Mechanical Engineering.


Shannon Crop

After just missing out on her target grades to secure her goal of reading Law at university, Shanon decided to re-take her A levels at MPW. Shannon says:

I chose to re-take my A levels at MPW after I just missed out on securing my top choice to read Law. I was left with a big decision to make as I felt I could do much better than ABB and wanted to give it another go. Luckily, I now feel very confident about my latest A level results.


At MPW, I gained deeper understanding of all three of my A level subjects. I have very much enjoyed studying Classics in my one-to-one class as my teacher was able to focus on me and taught me exactly as I needed. In my friendly Psychology class I shared my learning with hardworking students of the same mindset. 


I found weekly tests really helpful in the way they allowed me to see my progress throughout the year. They helped to improve my exam technique and, most importantly, made me revise consistently. This was certainly something that I lacked in my previous school. I feel fully ready to progress to my undergraduate studies.

Shannon secured A*A*A in Maths, Psychology and Classical Civilisation. She is bound for Durham University to read Law.



Hope joined MPW on a one-year A level programme to enable her to achieve her ambition of securing a place on a Mechanical Engineering degree. Hope says:

I’ve never had so much input from school before. At MPW, I was equipped with learning strategies (and study techniques) that benefitted specifically how I learn. I will continue using these at university, too. Regular meetings with my Personal Tutor ensured I was on track with my studies and I received lots of useful advice for my university application.


Being in a small class made a big difference and going over the basics has massively boosted my confidence. The entire college is very friendly and supportive.

Hope achieved A*A in Maths and Physics and is now going to the University of Birmingham to read Mechanical Engineering.



Piper from China joined MPW on an 18-month A level programme. Piper says:

I have greatly enjoyed my studies at MPW. My time studying A levels in the UK has been very different from my previous learning experience in China. Teachers here are very friendly and they know everyone’s abilities. I could ask them, in person, any specific questions when I needed help. My Personal Tutor  was very helpful with my university application and gave me useful feedback on my personal statement. 

Maths has always been my favourite subject and I liked that my MPW teachers gave me more difficult questions to solve in class and at home. Weekly tests have also helped me to review and revise my work, and gave me more confidence before the exams.

Piper achieved A*A*A in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry and is going to read Actuarial Science at LSE.



Guzalya from Uzbekistan joined MPW to complete a one-year GCSE programme. Guzalya says:

The UK education system is completely different from that in Uzbekistan. To be honest, it was challenging to adapt to my studies to begin with. However, if you do your work and follow advice from the college things will improve quickly.


I found small classes very beneficial for international students because teachers could clarify language and offer alternative explanations. I liked being in an environment where it is ok to ask questions and you do not feel stupid if you are unsure about something.


I spent a lot of time with my classmates learning, revising and preparing for exams. Everyone at college is friendly, helpful and supportive and I never felt left out.

Guzalya achieved 9,9,9,8,7 in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Psychology, English respectively. We're looking forward to welcoming Guzalya back to MPW for her A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and EPQ.



Jessica was originally planning a gap year, but instead joined MPW for our one-year A level programme to enable her to secure her desired place at university. Jessica says:

I came to MPW with an expectation of good teachers but didn’t expect how brilliant they turned out to be! I felt incredibly supported as they had all the time in the world for me. My weakest areas were soon turned into my strengths and I felt fully ready for my exams. I learnt a lot about how I learn and revise, something I have never had a chance to reflect on and will take with me into my future studies.


Although my courses were intensive and fast-paced, they didn’t feel rushed. There has always been a great class atmosphere - my group mates got along nicely as we all had strong personalities and motivations to aim for top results.


My year at MPW turned out to be very positive!

Jessica achieved AA in Biology and Spanish and is going to read Physiotherapy at the University of Liverpool.



Having graduated from university with a degree in Psychology, Craig joined MPW for an intensive one-year A level course in pursuit of his strong ambition to read Medicine:

I found that the synergy of small class sizes combined with the superb quality of teaching allowed for a learning environment that felt effective, tailored and relaxed. This was essential for me as I undertook intense accelerated A level courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My goal was to lay the foundations that I needed as a mature student to go on and make it through the stringent entrance examinations and obtain the requirements for graduate entry medicine. Having been out of the education system for a few years, I found one of the most useful features of studying here was weekly topic summaries that took the form of mini mock exams. What was fantastic to me was to have tutors who were very knowledgeable in their fields and - perhaps most importantly - enthusiastic in what they were teaching. A level syllabi can sometimes appear to be narrow in scope or repetitive but the tutors still found the time to answer additional questions out of interest, give context to the taught elements and inspire the class. This was vital in helping to keep me engaged throughout the entirety of the course by keeping each class feeling fresh and interesting. Having a Personal Tutor was a huge advantage and I was somewhat taken aback by how much effort they put in and the genuine interest they showed in me achieving my goal. 

Following on his A level and UKCAT results, Craig has progressed to a postgraduate course in Medicine at Nottingham University.


Pannita T

Having moved from a monolingual school in Thailand, Pannita has achieved outstanding A level results securing her top university choice:

I found changing to A level curriculum and being taught in a sixth form school environment a significant experience which I greatly enjoyed. The class atmosphere at MPW is friendly and productive. This is because all my class mates are eager to understand the topics and the tutors are keen to explain any questions we have. This leads to riveting and worthwhile discussions, and surprisingly some of them even came out in the exams. The small class size and the Personal Tutor system allowed me to get intense support in both academic matters from my tutors and university application from my Personal Tutor. At MPW, I had to work extra hard for my weekly timed assessments - these regular and continuous reviews turned out to be very beneficial at the end of the academic year. I really enjoyed my two-year experience at MPW and appreciate my academic results that I wouldn’t have obtained if I had gone anywhere else.

Pannita has achieved A*A*AA in Maths, Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics and is looking forward to studying Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London.


Beth F

Beth joined MPW to complete a one-year A level course in Biology, Maths and Chemistry in order to make a successful Medical application:

chose MPW while searching for a one-year A level course after realising I wanted to study medicine. I received invaluable help and support for my university applications from advice about how to research and contact the medical schools to the many hours spent with my personal tutor to ensure my personal statement was as strong as possible. I was invited to three medical school interviews and to prepare for this MPW arranged a mock interview in college with a doctor who gave me comprehensive verbal and written feedback. Each interview was successful and I received three offers to study medicine and two offers for biomedical sciences. I had the same amount of support when it came to my studies. Although fast paced, due to the nature of the one-year course, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MPW. The combination of meetings with my personal tutor, weekly timed assessments in all subjects, small class sizes and the fantastic teaching staff allowed me not only to feel fully supported in my learning but also prepared me in exam technique and time management. The high level of detail in feedback and advice I received from MPW in all parts of my university application and A level course, I believe is the reason I was able to achieve the results I did.


Beth has secured A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is now progressing to study Medicine at her top choice, Edinburgh University.


Tuan M

Thomas comments that MPW has surpassed his expatiations as he joined the college for a one-year A level course:

The main attribute that drew me to the college was its prime location. Cambridge has a very studious ambience in that it makes you feel like you can just sit anywhere and start studying. The same is also true for MPW. This is, however, only one of the many things MPW encourages you to do. The subject and Personal Tutors create an atmosphere that pushes you to raise questions and join in discussions. MPW lessons have small class size which allow tutors to provide assistance based on the individual student. My tutors were very attentive and took great measure to aid each individual student. During the year, I had to do an extra D1 module that couldn’t fit in the normal lessons timetable so the college arranged 1:1 lessons for me. In fact, I believe that the support I got in those lessons helped me to get through a subject that I would have otherwise struggled with. Another area where MPW surpassed my expectations was the weekly timed assignments. These “tests” worked as weekly revision for studied topics and encouraged me to study over the course of the year. As a result, this made my final revision much more manageable as I ended up with a lot of study material and strong subject knowledge.

Having secured A*A* A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, Thomas has progressed to read Mechanical Engineering at UCL.


Olivia D

Following the closure of her previous school, Olivia transferred to MPW in order to complete her A level course:

It was difficult to find a school that would offer me the chance to continue my current A level subjects without having to retake Year 12. Luckily, MPW managed to organise for me to join a Year 13 English class as well as having one-to-one tuition with my English tutor to catch up on the Year 12 work. This was incredibly beneficial because my tutor quickly learnt how I worked and learnt best and could easily identify weaknesses in my essay writing skills and so helped me to improve from my mistakes. I chose to take a one year History course which, although it was intense, helped me to improve my essay writing and I became used to ‘reading around the subject’, a skill I had never grasped before and never realised how valuable a skill it is. This will undoubtedly help me when I embark my chosen degree course, Politics and Sociology, at university. MPW has supported my ambitions throughout this year, I have been offered places at top universities and surprised myself at what I can achieve. However, without the support from my Personal Tutor, the commitment of my tutors, the motivation and personal tuition that comes from the small class sizes this would not have been possible. 

Having secured her A level grades ABB in History, English Literature and Fine Art, Olivia is heading off to read Politics and Sociology at Manchester University.



Severins joined MPW from a monolingual Latvian school and is now progressing to his top choice university:

It has been a pleasure to study at MPW. The small classes are advantageous for every student, particularly to boost the grades and get an in-depth understanding of the subject often going beyond the syllabus requirements. I was able to focus and understand the subject more effectively whilst having fun, as sooner or later everyone gets to know each other and have a nice atmosphere in the class. I came to every lesson with excitement as I was looking forward to learning something new. Personal Tutors are always ready to help whatever the problem is and will always support to do your best, as well as teachers. They had built confidence and trust in myself, that I am capable of reaching the highest standards, especially in the last months before exams, when I was under real pressure and began to worry about exams. At MPW, I have gained amazing experience and learnt about various opportunities open to me. I am really thankful that I was able  spend these two stunning years within this college

Having successfully achieved AAB in Business, Russian and Law, Severins is excited about studying Marketing and Management at his top choice, Sussex University. 


Jenny W

Having joined MPW from China, Jenny has successfully completed her A levels and secured her top university choice:

In comparison with my previous educational experiences, MPW provided me with a wider selection of courses and a much smaller class size. The large variety of courses ensured that I was given the opportunity to choose the most suitable ones. For example, I could even choose the non-mainstream courses like philosophy and classics, which I enjoyed profoundly but couldn’t study before. I was lucky enough to meet some of my now favourite tutors. The small class size was almost a necessary condition for proper conversations and discussions, which enhanced my ability in expressing thoughts and encouraged me to argue with people who held different opinions. It was also not difficult to get acquainted with classmate(s) in small classes. Another positive aspect of the college was having a Personal Tutor who never failed to help with any questions I had. The regular weekly tests also ensured that I was thoroughly prepared for my actual final exams. Overall, MPW is a great place to make new friends and get to know people from all around the world.

Having successfully achieved A*AAB in Maths, Philosophy, Chinese and Classical Civilization, Jenny is looking forward to studying Liberal Arts at Durham University.


Natalie -150-x -150-Final

Natalie joined MPW this year for year one of a two year GCSE programme. Despite being the youngest member of the cohort, she fitted in perfectly and was our highest achiever this year:

I am delighted with the results which I have received and I am very grateful to all of my teachers, who have helped and supported me throughout the year and ultimately facilitated me to achieve these results. My lessons had a very relaxed environment, which helped to boost my confidence and reduce my anxiety. Overall, my experiences last year were very positive, I am looking forward to studying at MPW again next year.

Having secured grades 9, 9, 9, 9, 8 & 6 in Geography, Chemistry, German, Maths, Spanish and English Language respectively Natalie is now progressing to study another range of GCSEs.


Letitia for web

Letitia joined MPW in order to complete a one-year GCSE course in the subjects she enjoyed most:

Initially, coming to MPW, I was surprised to see the small class sizes, Personal Tutors, and individualistic approach towards learning. This was very different from my last school, and a system that seemed to work much better for me. The small class sizes made it much easier for me to ask questions in class, and to have the opportunity to focus on my weaker areas in each subject. The Personal Tutor approach also worked well for me, as the regular meetings and discussions allowed me to determine what I was doing well, and what needed improvement. Besides this, I have found that there is a particularly friendly and calm atmosphere within the college, which certainly helped me to settle in. Overall, I have definitely enjoyed studying at MPW, and look forward to my A levels here.

Letitia has secured grades 9, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5 and ‘A’ in French, English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Maths, Art and Psychology respectively, and she is now progressing to study her A levels in French, English Language and Psychology with us.


Max for web

Max transferred to MPW during a crucial period of his educational career, as his previous school closed in the middle of his two-year GCSE course:

MPW welcomed me with open arms and a determination to help me through this understandably important time in my life. This response to my exigent issue informed me that the school would be a place where I could always seek help, even in the most critical, and problematic circumstances. The student-teacher relationships formed throughout my time at MPW were an unexpected advantage, and I found myself completely comfortable asking questions whilst in class, and comfortable inquiring about any other issues that I faced. The intimate class sizes were another additional benefit to MPW, with all the students and teachers building strong rapports with one another, creating a hospitable, and propitious environment for us to work in. The mixture of national and international students was an enriching prospect, and I learnt about foreign students’ cultures and lifestyles, particularly in my GCSE art class, as I shared it with two international students; through their work, and observing their processes and inspirations, I better understood just how fruitful their culture is, and how cherished it is to them. Whilst studying at MPW, many trips were held, and one that particularly resonated with me was a residential to London with my year group. I remember all the laughs and experiences that I shared with the other students, and it was a great introduction into meeting new students, and forming bonds that would sustain throughout the GCSE period, and even after in many cases. For me, MPW was a wholesome experience, and I appreciate the teachers that helped me through my studies, and the friends that I made whilst there.

Max secured grades 9, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6 in English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, Art, Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively, Max is now progressing to study his A levels.


Florence for web

Florence is left in no doubt that the support given by her teachers, both in and out of lessons, has enabled her to do her best in her GCSEs:

I don’t think I would have performed as well in my exams having not gone to MPW, as the small classes and thorough teaching enabled me to bridge gaps in topics I found difficult and understand them in greater detail. My time there has proved positive, as the notes made in class were detailed and easy to understand due to the work being well explained. This helped me make better revision notes and be more organised with revision, as I was clear on the topics covered. The atmosphere in the college was often pleasant as the teachers and other students were all very friendly. This gave a feeling of mutual respect and the fact we could go out at lunchtime gave a sense of freedom and independence allowing us to spend time with peers outside the school environment making better friendships. Regular timed assignments proved helpful as it enforced constant exam practice, which would be needed during the exam period. It also highlighted areas in subjects that needed extra work so we could revise those topics in more detail. I learnt a good work ethic that I can use throughout my studies at A level and university.

Having secured grades 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 6 in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics English Language, Maths French, PE and English Literature respectively, Florence is now progressing to study her A levels.


Cameron , Eve

Eve joined us in order to retake her A level in Chemistry, pursuing her ambition to read Dentistry at university:

Having one-to-one lessons in Chemistry worked really well for me because it gave me time to focus on specific areas and ensure that I fully understood a topic before moving onto the next one. I had a fantastic teacher who quickly picked up on how I learn best, and I felt fully supported throughout, in particular with any resources or homework that I wanted to go through. The lessons were well paced and I was able to bring my questions to the lesson and have issues ironed out by the end of the day. I found the weekly Timed Assignments extremely helpful, because from the beginning of the year I got used to working under exam conditions and it was beneficial to be tested on topics as I learnt them. The focus on exam technique at MPW made me feel much more relaxed about answering questions and understanding exactly what the question is asking. I was also able to have extra Physics lessons to prepare me for my BMAT entrance exam, which made me feel adept and allowed me to achieve a good grade. Having mock interviews arranged for me also hugely improved my application because I was much more confident when talking to the university panels. All the preparation I did at MPW was definitely reflected in my university responses - last year I received two interviews and one offer; this year I received four interviews and all of them offered me a place. 

Having successfully achieved a grade A in her A level Chemistry, Eve is now progressing to study Dentistry at King's College London.



Mark came to MPW to retake his A levels, achieving a fantastic improvement from grades of BDU to AAB:

The small class sizes proved invaluable for a number of reasons, some of which I did not anticipate. Aside from the obvious individual attention, the size of the class allowed for a lot of students’ questions to turn into a fruitful academic discussion. As students naturally differ in ability, even in different aspects of the course, we were able to help answer each other’s questions, which in turn improved our own understanding significantly.

I have found the atmosphere at the college far more friendly and supportive than I expected. The support I had from my Personal Tutor was very helpful during the application process for university. I could tell that he really did care about my future and wanted to do everything he could in order to help me secure my place at my chosen university. Overall, I am pleased to say that my high expectations of MPW were fully met.

Having achieved the overall grades of AAB in his A levels Business Studies, Economics and Physics, Mark has progressed to read Business Innovation at the University of Southampton. 


Gabriel (1)

Gabriel initially came to MPW for a one-year A level course, subsequently deciding to switch to a two-year A level programme:

My Personal Tutor was very supportive of my choice to switch to the two-year course midway through my first year at MPW, implementing a bespoke programme for me that allowed me to complete Business Studies during the first year, before focusing on my other two subjects, Economics and Maths, for the second year. He also guided me when I had questions about the different degrees I had in mind, providing me with sources and books to read about the different subjects, which then helped me make my final decision for my university course. The college is study-focussed and this really shows with the very helpful Timed Assignment system every week. Small classroom sizes also allowed everyone the chance to speak up without feeling intimidated, promoting invaluable discussions throughout the lessons.

Having secured his A level grades AAB in Maths, Business and Economics, Gabriel has progressed to read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Manchester University.



At MPW, Nelly found her career aspiration and decided to pursue a discipline she had not considered previously: 

I must admit that before I came to MPW I did not know exactly what I wanted to study at university level. In Kazakhstan, I was taught Science through books, with experiments being a rare thing. I generally found this to be rather boring and not at all intriguing. However, during my first year at MPW, my perception of Chemistry changed significantly. I started enjoying the classes and soon came to realise that despite being challenging, Chemistry was incredibly exciting and life applicable. In class, theories were often followed by experiments, where we had an opportunity to hone our practical skills, which also aided my in-depth understanding of each topic. Throughout my A levels I received a lot of guidance and support from my Personal Tutor. Not only did she help me with my university application, but we organised a personalised revision timetable, which proved to be particularly useful in preparation for the exams. I would like to say that the college has taught me two things: firstly, to not be afraid of making mistakes, as it is part of a learning process, and secondly, that all the hard work will eventually pay off.

Having secured the grades A*AB in Maths, Chemistry and Spanish, Nelly has secured her place to study Chemistry at her first choice, UCL.



Samuel joined the college to achieve his academic potential and describes his time at the college as “absolutely worth it”:

I have really enjoyed my time MPW and would recommend this college to anyone. I learnt how to work more efficiently and revise more effectively thanks to the tutorials and weekly Timed Assignments, which also allowed me to prepare myself mentally for the exams from the first day.

My history teacher was phenomenal. He managed to get me to reengage with the subject, as well as giving me all the support and help I asked for and more, giving me the knowledge and exams technique needed to achieve an A*.

My German teacher was a lot of fun and really sorted out my grammar while massively expanding my vocabulary, raising my grade from a C to an A.

My economics teacher was also brilliant. I took the whole of the Economics A level in one year, having never done it before. The help and support I received on such a demanding course was invaluable.

Having secured the A level grades of A*AA in History, Economics and German, Sam has progressed to read International Relations at the University of Exeter.



Kaylee joined us to achieve her ambition and to secure the grades she needed for her Physiotherapy course at university: 

The main reason I chose MPW was because it offered me the flexibility to study a one-year A level Biology course alongside one-to-one lessons to focus on just one unit in Maths.  During my studies, I found my subject tutors and my Personal Tutor to be very helpful and supportive of my studies. They gave me all the guidance required and reassured me when I started to lose confidence due to the demand of the new A level course, continually raising my determination to succeed. There's a studious atmosphere in this college, as well as in Cambridge in general, which is one of the motivational factors that would make you also want to study hard. Students got along fantastically with each other, and I made friends quickly. 

Through the help of my Personal Tutor on completing UCAS as well as preparing for university interviews, which I had felt insecure about, I have received four conditional offers compared with only one at my previous college. On the whole, I have greatly enjoyed my time at MPW.

Having achieved the grades AA in Biology and Maths, Kaylee has progressed to study Physiotherapy at Coventry University.



Matthew chose MPW as he believed this would be a good school to raise his grades after a disappointing first year of AS in his previous college.

I have definitely made the right decision to come to MPW - my grades have gone from averaging Es to straight As. Teaching at MPW is much more personal and I felt like talking to teachers. They are very good and give you lots of support if you do not understand something. 

My most memorable lesson at MPW is my last Chemistry lesson – we were doing the screaming jelly babies experiment, they glowed and screamed and it was great fun!

I was given a lot of help with my university application. My Personal Tutor took me through the UCAS process step by step. We went through my Personal Statement many times to make sure it was completely perfect. I am very excited about my firm choice.

Having achieved A level grades of AAA in Maths, Chemistry and Physics, Matthew has secured a place to read Chemistry at Warwick. 



Glen joined MPW Cambridge to improve his academic performance in A level Biology in pursuit of a career in Medicine. Glen comments:

I learnt about MPW Cambridge through testimonials of other students who were in a similar situation to mine. My experience at MPW has been continuously reassuring. The teaching style at MPW has suited my learning capabilities; it is very relaxing but also very thorough. 

Originally, I thought that weekly Timed Assignments would be adding more pressure and burden to an already busy week. However, it turned to be beneficial and the pressure has helped me to appreciate and learn the skills required to excel in my exams. Weekly tests helped me to focus more on my ability to apply knowledge and to strengthen my time-management skills. 

I appreciate the level of care that individual students at MPW get. I was fortunate to have a very thorough Biology tutor who taught the material in different ways and always went a step further to explain and clarify things. Also, getting the recognition from my subject and personal tutors was important and I now feel more confident about my abilities.

Having secured an A* in A level Biology, Glen is now progressing to study Medicine at Liverpool University.



Having joined MPW Cambridge straight after his GCSEs, Nick is in no doubt about the help he received at MPW in achieving his goal:

In general, I have found the whole experience of MPW Cambridge to be exceptional. I truly believe that without the support, expertise and pure commitment of my tutors and personal tutor I would not have been able to secure an offer at my first choice university. Coming from a background of rocky academic achievement the environment of MPW Cambridge and the unique relationship that is fostered between students and tutors has allowed me to reach my potential and to progress onto higher education. One of the best parts of the teaching at MPW is simply how passionate you can feel that tutors are about their subjects. Further to this, my personal tutor in particular has been there to guide and assist me every step of the way in applying for university and organising revision when I have needed it. The college completely changed my perspective on education to a much more positive outlook and helped me to really appreciate the learning opportunity. Overall, I cannot thank the tutors of the college enough for helping me to become one step closer to my dream profession. 

Having secured A level grades ABC in Sociology, Russian and Psychology, Nick has secured a place to read Paramedic Science at Birmingham City University.



Having completed his AS exams at a different school, Gabriel joined MPW Cambridge for a two-year A level programme. At MPW, he decided to re-take his AS and later progressed to A2:

As a dyslexic student who initially got CCEE for my AS, I was convinced that I could not achieve any higher. My time at MPW proved me wrong. Initially I was reluctant to move from my local school in York to a college so far away from home, my parents, and friends. Furthermore, the thought of having weekly assessments on top of homework overwhelmed me. However, with the kind and expert support from my teachers and personal tutor I quickly realised that it was perfectly possible to achieve better grades with the right revision techniques and resources provided by MPW. At the end of my first year I was overjoyed to find that many hours of hard work and renewed revision techniques had resulted in me achieving three A's in my subjects. I wanted to continue at A2 as I knew it would greatly improve my university prospects and encourage me to work even harder. After two fantastic years at MPW I can emphatically say that going to MPW was the best decision I ever made. 

Having secured AAA in Philosophy, English Literature and Psychology, Gabriel is now progressing to read Philosophy at Nottingham University.



MPW Cambridge was recommended to Holly by her friends and staff at her previous college. Holly comments on her experience of MPW and one-year A level course in Chemistry: 

The staff are all very supportive and I have been given a lot of help in areas that I needed. I had weekly sessions with my Personal Tutor to make sure that I was on top of my work and studying and revising in the most efficient way possible. The support I was given has been invaluable in the way I have settled in at MPW and my enjoyment of my time here.

The quality of teaching I have encountered has been excellent. My chemistry teacher has covered everything at a very good speed and in a good depth. The study packs we worked through have all the detail you need for the exams and the lessons help you understand everything you are required to learn. I think that my exams have been very well prepared for. 

Having achieved A level grade A in Chemistry, Holly is now progressing to study Clinical Sciences at Bradford. 



Having moved from the US for one year, Brandon came to MPW Cambridge to complete an intensive one-year A level course and apply for an undergraduate degree in Linguistics.

I expected MPW to be a rigorous college that would prepare me well for university and help me to achieve good marks on my A Level. I believe that the college has accomplished this completely. The staff at MPW have been incredibly kind and supportive, and their level of academic expertise has been immeasurably helpful in furthering my academic career. I have seen my understanding of classical literature, my comprehension of spoken Spanish, and my knowledge of how language and society interact all skyrocket during my studies here.

I had a fantastic PT to work with, who was with me every step of the way during my university application process, and I will be eternally grateful for that guidance, especially in a country in which I have never lived before.

I think my most memorable experience at MPW would be meeting my now best friend who has completely changed my outlook on life and the world. I would not be the person that I am today if it weren't for her, and I owe MPW for bringing us together.

Having achieved A level grades of A*AA in Spanish Language, classical Civilization and English Language, Brandon is now progressing to read Linguistics at Edinburgh University.



After witnessing her sister’s success at MPW Cambridge, Ayesha decided to join the college to achieve the best grades she could and secure a place to read Law at the university of her choice.

I really love the multicultural aspect of MPW and the fact that you can meet people from different cultures and make friends with people from different places. 

The staff at MPW have been very friendly and approachable. I was comfortable coming to them with a question whenever I needed to. 

I really liked small class sizes at MPW because this allowed my teachers to have 1: 1 time with me, making my learning experience more interactive. Small class sizes have helped me to develop my thought processes and learn more about the way I learn.

My teachers and my Personal Tutor have encouraged me to perform to the best of my abilities and I believe I wouldn’t have achieved everything I have achieved without their help and support.  

Having achieved A level grades of AAB in Geography, Classical Civilization and English Literature, Ayesha is now progressing to study Law at York.



Tahani left her previous school in the middle of her French baccalaureate and joined MPW Cambridge on a rigorous one-year A level course in Government & Politics, History and Philosophy.

I had no GCSEs (except for English literature) and my Brevet, and so many schools in Cambridge refused to take me as a student for A levels. I decided to go to MPW, not only because it offered me a one-year A level course in the subjects that I wanted, but also because while offering structure and guidance, MPW also encourages amicability between students and staff, and independence on our part.

First thing I noticed when I visited MPW was the atmosphere - people were laughing, there were little classes of eight maximum and the teachers knew their students. The manner of teaching at MPW was much better for me in that it encourages thinking for yourself. I needed support but enough space that I could understand things on my own.

The guidance I received from my Personal Tutor was amazing. He clarified and explained each course and gave me a lot of reading material and guidance on how to make a good application. In the end I made the choice to study something completely different from what I had originally planned - a choice I could not have made alone.

Having achieved A level grades of ABB in French, History and Philosophy, and A in Russian AS, Tahani is now progressing to read Law at SOAS, University of London.



Completely new to UK A levels, Anna has greatly enjoyed her studies at MPW Cambridge. Comparing her studies in Poland and MPW Cambridge Anna shares her experience: 

I must admit that at first I was a little worried. My main concern was not only the language barrier, but also how to cope with the new environment and teaching methods. Just the first few days at MPW were enough to convince me that this is the best learning environment that can ever be provided for a student. There is nothing more encouraging for my independent learning than my teachers’ involvement and attention they pay for each individual student in class.

The brightest memory I’ll take with me is International Evening at MPW – I enjoyed Chinese calligraphy and international quizzes.

What I enjoyed most in my lessons is the way we discussed problems in class and the fact that even the silliest question will be answered. Moreover, I was taught not only the subject specification, but also how to learn properly, revise efficiently and target exam questions which was undoubtedly very helpful.

I am sure, that without the support from my Personal Tutor my UCAS application would not be as successful as it was. As an international student I have never came across UCAS, Personal Statement, university interview preparation. I was fortunate to be selected for an interview with Cambridge University – I will never forget this experience.

In my previous school in Poland I have never been the strongest student, but always an average one. At MPW I was able to achieve the best grades I possibly could and secure a place at my firm choice.

Having achieved A level grades of AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Maths, Anna is now progressing to study Genetics at KCL.



Marco joined MPW Cambridge on an International Foundation Programme (IFP). Having come to terms with his poor exam results, Marco realised during his gap year that he needed a change in his academic environment. 

International Foundation Programme at MPW was a huge opportunity, not only as I could discover new subjects but it also made me realise thanks to the teachers that my natural forte was in essay based subjects, rather than numerical ones.


Coming to MPW at the age of 20 was rather a difficult decision, however MPW gave me what I was looking for - a nurtured approach to teaching and individualistic tutor sessions. Thanks to thorough
weekly Timed Assignments my confidence in writing and exam technique has grown
greatly. I was more than ready for the real exams

 Looking back at my previous academic experience I never experienced a teacher who believed in me and who would push me towards my goals, apart from my parents. At MPW it was the first time I felt that the teachers believed in me, despite sometimes some poor Timed Assignment results they still pushed and encouraged me. MPW has definitely given me the second chance that I needed and prepared me for my next step with confidence. 

Having achieved a Merit, Marco is now progressing to study International Development at KCL.



Kriztee joined MPW for an 18- month A level programme which she completed with great success. 

I can say that MPW Cambridge has allowed me to thrive academically. I could always rely on my Personal Tutor who was very supportive. Small classes and personalised teaching have helped to identify my academic strengths and weakness.

At MPW teachers respect you and treat you as an individual. They encouraged me to perform to the best of my abilities and to not be afraid to express my opinion. My lessons were fun and I particularly enjoyed class discussions which have helped to build my confidence.

There is a good mix of UK and international students. The college atmosphere is very friendly and students here are open-minded. The whole experience and life skills I gained at MPW are fantastic.  

Having achieved A level grades of A*AA in Economics, Politics and Mathematics, Kriztee has secured a place to read Accounting and Finance at Warwick University.



One of our GCSE stars this year, Renia, worked very hard to achieve her strong exam grades in new GCSE specifications all in one year:

Originally from Hong Kong, MPW has been my first experience of studying abroad. The first thing I noticed about the college was its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Not to mention how friendly the classmates were, my Personal Tutor and my teachers were also caring and approachable. I have really enjoyed having lessons in small groups, as this allowed each pupil to get enough attention and support from the teachers. In addition, they had a different teaching approach to every single student, which allowed us to get most out of every lesson. My teachers were caring and inspirational; they kept us motivated and working hard to ensure we could achieve the best results we possibly could. I think MPW is an excellent college.

Having achieved GCSE grades  A*AABB and a grade 5 in Maths, Chemistry, History, Economics, Psychology and English Language, Renia has progressed to do her A levels at Cardiff Sixth Form College.


Symonds , Emily

Emily joined MPW Cambridge for a one-year GCSE course and she is in no doubt that she couldn't have found a better school:

Being taught IB in international schools abroad my whole life, I was completely unfamiliar with the GCSE curriculum. When my family moved to the UK for good, no schools in Cambridge were willing to offer one-year GCSE courses. I've always been driven in terms of working hard at school, however I was completely terrified of taking an intensive one-year GCSE course because I didn't know what to expect. My family and I were thrilled after finding out about MPW. The teachers are absolutely amazing here as they give so much individual support - something that I have never really had in my previous schools. Small class sizes and all the individual attention has definitely been beneficial to a large extent. MPW has definitely met my expectations. I've met amazing friends and great teachers – my GCSE year turned out to be a great experience.

Having achieved GCSE grades of A*AAAAAAC in Spanish, English Language, English Literature, Biology, History, Geography, Indonesian and Maths, Emily has progressed to do her A levels at Hills Road Sixth College in Cambridge.


Papineau , Tyler

Having moved from the US forone year, Tyler joined MPW Cambridge to complete one-year GCSEs. Tyler shares his experience:

One-year GCSEs at MPW Cambridge is really an eye-opening experience, because it does push you, it is hard but it is something that with determination is very reachable and very possible. Regardless of the student’s ability, one-year GCSEs are one of those things that with a little bit of hard work and perseverance is something anyone can get through. Teachers have given me a lot of extra work and help with subjects I had trouble understanding, which was very helpful because sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to practise outside. My teachers took every step to ensure I was putting in the work all the time. The atmosphere at MPW Cambridge is very friendly and open – it is more like a family than a school. With excellent personal tutor and teacher support students of different nationalities and walks of life feel very welcome.

Having secured five GCSE grades of A*ABBB in Physics, Chinese, Economics, Psychology, English Language, and a grade A at AS Maths, Tyler has moved back to the US to complete his High Scool.


Koiza, Michael

Michael joined MPW Cambridge for a one-year GCSE course and achieved excellent results. Michael comments:

I have really enjoyed my one-year GCSE course and studying at MPW has brought out the best in me. I settled in very quickly and loved the whole Cambridge scene. The teachers have given me the confidence to succeed in areas where I previously believed I couldn’t. Relationships with teachers are far more personal than I have ever experienced, and individual care and support are important areas where I believe MPW excels, not to mention the extremely high standards of teaching. Guidance on exam technique has been really helpful in preparing for my GCSEs.  I have made lots of great friends and we have had fun times together on college trips, with some really funny and unforgettable moments! I cannot thank my Personal Tutor enough and all the teachers for the great experience that MPW has given me. It was nail biting opening my GCSE results envelope but I am over the moon with my grades!!

Having achieved A*A*AAAAAB in Biology, French, Maths, English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies and Latin, Michael has progressed to do the first year of his A levels at MPW Cambridge.


LucyLucy joined MPW Cambridge after a disappointing A2 year at her previous school, where she didn’t achieve the grades she needed to apply for Medicine. Lucy says:

I felt MPW was the best choice for me to be able to try and accomplish the grades which I thought I was capable of. I have found MPW to be a great experience; the small classes really helped me gain confidence in my subjects, so that I was able to approach the summer exams with a much more ‘can do’ attitude. On top of this having weekly timed assessments, that although felt endless at the time, really helped focus my revision and improve my revision techniques for the summer exams. It has been an incredibly busy year, but it definitely feels like all the hard work has paid off, having managed to secure an offer from Liverpool to study Medicine!

Overall grades of AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics have allowed Lucy to achieve her ambition of advancing to the University of Liverpool to study Medicine.


Amy (1)

Amy joined MPW Cambridge for one year to retake her A levels and improve on the grades she had previously achieved. Amy says:

I had high expectations of MPW when I first joined, but looking back over my time at MPW I was not expecting that my year would have been how it turned out. Coming to MPW and studying with people retaking has really helped, I have found that working with other people that are so driven to achieve their goal grades has really improved my work ethic. All of the teachers, especially my personal tutor, have been amazing and very motivational. Having such small classes has also really helped because I have been able to really identify the topics that have held me back and been able to tackle them right away. The weekly timed assignments were equally as helpful because it has meant that my revision for my summer exams has been continuous since the start of the year. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at MPW and have made some great friends.

Having exceeded her conditional offer with grades of A*AA in Chemistry, Biology and Maths, Amy is now heading to the University of Manchester to read Biomedical Sciences.


ConradConrad joined MPW Cambridge to retake his A levels with a view to securing a university place that fully reflected his academic ambitions. He says:

Missing out on university last year made me realise how much I really wanted it. I came to MPW motivated and ready to work harder than before. I remember starting this year and feeling like it’s going to be a very long one. However, now I have nearly finished my exams and it has actually flown past! I found the structure of my teaching really good. The timed assignments on a weekly basis allowed me to learn and practise new material regularly. I enjoyed the informal school atmosphere and I had a very good relationship with my personal tutor who gave me great advice throughout the year. My whole MPW experience has been awesome ─ it has set me up for my future and I have made some great friends.

Having achieved A level grades of AAB in Geography, Mathematics and English Literature, Conrad is now heading to The University of Nottingham to read Geography.



Lewis joined MPW Cambridge to re-start a two-year A level programme with a view to achieving the grades needed to pursue a specialist university course in mining. Lewis says:

Having an excellent personal tutor during my time at MPW was extremely helpful, especially during my UCAS application when I needed help with both my personal statement and gaining relevant work experience. Weekly timed assignments and the structuring of lessons were effective as they helped me to practise and build up confidence for the exams. I also found that the small class sizes and the friendly atmosphere at MPW enabled me to better interact with my teachers, which made learning material so much easier than in my previous school.

With overall grades of A*BB in Physics, Maths and Geography, Lewis has realised his dream of going to Exeter University to read Mining Engineering.


SebastianSebastian came to MPW Cambridge from one of the UK’s top boarding schools to retake his A levels. He didn't get the grades he wanted in his previous school due to his lack of motivation. He says:

I came to MPW in search of a second chance to redeem myself and get to where I expected to be in terms of university. What stood out straight away is how helpful and nice everyone is and how easy it is to go to teachers if you have any issues. MPW Cambridge has a very welcoming environment. This school gives you freedom to perform as you like and, coming from a very strict boarding environment, it was a very good change for me, which has also improved my studies as a whole. The small classes are very helpful as the teachers can focus on individual students more. The TA system is very useful as it means you learn on a weekly basis and get used to the examination style. By the end of the year I felt I was very comfortable in doing exams due to the all the practice I had had, which greatly reduced my exam nerves. Due to a lack of effort at my old school, I was classed as a lesser student and I was convinced to aim lower. But MPW, along with my own will, brought my confidence and self-belief back and made me want to aim for some of the better universities in the country. What MPW has taught me, is that I can get the best out of myself, and if I continue doing this I know I will be exactly where I want to be after university as well.

Having achieved A level grades of AB in Geography and Physics, Sebastian is heading off to read Business Studies at City University London.


ZahanZahan’s goal at MPW Cambridge was to achieve a good set of GCSE grades in a single year. Zahan says:

The school vibe was fantastic! My GCSE lessons were fun and never boring. Small class sizes helped me to get the attention I needed while the teachers knew each student’s strengths and weaknesses. My teachers were all extremely helpful in expanding the subject even beyond the classroom walls and motivating us do the best in our exams. MPW Cambridge was very successful in supporting me with my GCSEs. I’ve made lifetime friends and each day at school was a new adventure.

Having achieved A*A*A*A* AAA in his GCSE subjects (English, Maths, Economics, History, Geography, English Literature and Science) Zahan is going to continue with Maths, Economics, History and Politics at Bedford School. 


Andrew1Andrew joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student. He sought to significantly improve his previous sixth-form experience as well as his university entry prospects.

I was expecting MPW to be hard work and to require a lot of my spare time to be dedicated to revision and study. However, my MPW Personal Tutor also encouraged me to start going to bed earlier, something I had never thought would be important in helping me to improve my grades! Having a Personal Tutor to discuss ANYTHING with, from my UCAS application to organising my life in general, really did make life at the college more streamlined and in general less stressful. Similarly, the weekly Timed Assignments got me into the habit of revising early and were the main reason why I started preparing for my summer exams so far in advance.

With overall A level grades of A*AA in English Language & Literature, Law, and Biology, Andrew has now achieved his ambition of reading a degree in Law (LLB) at the University of York.


JuliaOver her two years of studying A levels at MPW Cambridge, Julia is in no doubt about the help she received in achieving her goals.

The teachers really helped me overcome any difficulties I came across; they always seemed willing to offer support be it inside or outside of the classroom. I could safely say my teachers inspired me to work hard and aim for the best, sometimes simply by being passionate about what they do.  The college environment is also very friendly and I hope I'll be able to keep in contact with many of the lovely people I met!

Julia has secured a place at King's College London to read International Relations, courtesy of her impressive A*AABB grades in A level Portuguese, French, History, Government & Politics and Classical Civilisation.


AkmaralAkmaral came to MPW as a two-year A level student without having previously studied or lived outside of her own country - Kazakhstan.


International students have many aspects to think about, such as accommodation and guardians, but MPW surprised me by having a highly organised and supportive administration. Also, because most MPW Cambridge students are local, as an ‘international’ student, I found this very useful in both improving my English and in giving me a taste of a genuinely ‘English’ college. Studying in small groups has also made it easier for me to participate in discussions and build my confidence.

Having achieved A level grades of A*A*A* in Economics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Akmaral is now progressing to read Mathematics and Statistics at University College London.


HermineAfter completing high school in her native Sweden, Hermine undertook a programme of one-year A levels at MPW in order to further her chosen area of studies in Mathematics at a suitably prestigious university.

Being an international student, I did not know what was required of me in order to achieve this. However, MPW helped me understand the system every step of the way and made a hard and stressful application process manageable. This gave me a chance to focus on my studies instead of spending my time worrying about UCAS and my Personal Statement. In class, MPW allows students who are motivated to work ahead and comes up with new methods and plans to stimulate them, but they are also there when times are tougher. The moment a student seems to be falling behind, the teachers take notice and help them back on their feet. And, due to the small classes and frequent meetings with Personal Tutors, no problems or worries go unnoticed.

Overall grades of A*A*A in A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics have allowed Hermine to achieve her ambition of reading Mathematics at the top University of Lund in Sweden.


Charlotte 1 Charlotte came to MPW Cambridge looking to improve on her existing A Level grades in order to fulfil her ambition of reading Veterinary Medicine at university.

My initial expectations of MPW were of a high standard of teaching and personal attention. However, these expectations have been exceeded as the teaching style suited me perfectly and the time and care expended on helping me has been exceptional. In particular, I had not expected the amount of support that I received during the UCAS application process, not only in advice on my personal statement but also with several practice interviews. MPW has given me the best chance possible of achieving my aspiration, for which I will always remain grateful.

With overall grades of AA in A level Chemistry and Psychology, Charlotte will now take up an undergraduate place at the Royal Veterinary College.


AnastasiaAnastasia now admits to having been initially daunted by the challenge she had taken on by transferring her studies from high school in Belarus to two-year A levels at MPW Cambridge.

Honestly, I could not imagine when I joined MPW that, due to language and adaptation barriers, I would achieve top grades in my first A-level exam sittings. This view changed completely after only a few weeks in the college’s supportive and motivational environment; with teachers who aimed at finding a personal touch with each student and with my Personal Tutor who made my adjustment to the UK education system not only an easy step in my life but, more importantly, an enjoyable one. Furthermore, the friendly environment among tutors and students has helped me to combine my academic and social lives.

Anastasia has secured a place to read Economics at University College London by achieving A*A*A* grades in A level Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics.


GraceAfter having, in her own words, “exceeded my expectations” at GCSE, Grace stayed on to start A levels at her previous school but soon realised that “it was not the right fit for me socially or academically”, leading her to switch to MPW Cambridge early in Year 12.

At MPW, instead, the small classes were perfect for me personally as I was able to get individual attention on topics that I found difficult. And, while the weekly Timed Assignments may have seemed boring at first, once we started to get closer to exams it was easy to see how effective they were in making sure we knew each topic and in relieving the stress when the exams started as we were used to the right procedures. Finally, you are able to develop an effective relationship with your Personal Tutor, who ensures that you stay on track and get the best results possible.

Building on overall grades of ABB in A level Religious Studies, Business Studies and Psychology, Grace will be working with her MPW Personal Tutor on a university application at the start of her gap year.


CynthiaDespite arriving with a strong academic and mathematical background in particular, Cynthia has found the organisation and working ethos of MPW Cambridge invaluable in getting the most out of her two-year A level studies.

Compared to what I was used to back in China, I believe that in my time at MPW I have above all learnt to think more independently both in my studies and in general. For example, my timetable allows me to have my own time between lessons in which to revise what I have learnt. And the weekly Timed Assignments are very important in motivating me to do this revision. I have also benefitted from the small classes at MPW; and both my teachers and classmates have helped me overcome any problems I have encountered. Above all, my subject teachers and Personal Tutor have been very patient and helpful in supporting my studies and university application.

Having achieved an outstanding set of A level results (A*A*A*A in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Economics), Cynthia will now be reading Economics at University College London.


FloraLooking to build on her previous sixth form experience through a programme of one-year A levels at MPW, Flora views her experience at the college as wholly positive.

My MPW experience has been great. I hadn't expected to meet many people as the college was smaller than what I had been used to and I was going to be here for only a year; however, I've now made many life-long friends! My Personal Tutor and teachers were incredible. The small classes meant you get so much individual attention so, if I didn’t understand something, the teachers were always willing to help. The teaching methods were so thorough, helping me gain such great overall knowledge and understanding that I was able to cover subjects such as Business Studies in just one year.

Having secured A level grades of A*A in Geography and Business Studies, Flora will now be reading Management Sciences at Loughborough University.


CharlotteCharlotte came to MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student, frustrated that she had not achieved her potential at her first sixth-form experience and secured entry to a top Law degree.

My previous school experience was not good: the teaching was inconsistent, little attention was paid to essay practice and, rather than being supported more, I was made to feel that any underachievement was ‘my fault’. At MPW Cambridge, instead, everyone is incredibly engaged: my subject tutors were very knowledgeable, caring and professional; and the support I got from my Personal Tutor on UCAS was invaluable. But, for me, one of the most important aspects of MPW would be the Timed Assignment which gave me so much essay practice and feedback. By the time I came to sit my exams, I felt very well prepared.

With overall A level grades of A*A*B in English Literature, History and French, Charlotte secured a place at the University of Exeter to read English Literature.


KateKate joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student in order to improve on the overall grades she had previously achieved at a top UK public school and to aim at a top engineering university placement.

I would definitely say that I have been able to focus more on my A levels this year. Small classes have definitely helped and I have found that Timed Assignments were excellent exam practice. In addition, I wasn’t expecting such a social environment at MPW! I really think that a change of scene has been one of the biggest helps to my studies. It wasn’t a chore to do A levels at MPW, I have really enjoyed my time here and met some lovely people.

Having achieved A level grades of AAAB in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, Kate won a place to read Architectural & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath.


HarryHarry joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student and looking to improve on what she felt were disappointing results at her previous school.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t choose to attend MPW Cambridge! My sister had been here and had such a fantastic experience both educationally and socially that my parents were very keen for me to do likewise. At my previous school, I felt that I wasn’t encouraged to achieve. My confidence whilst I have been studying at MPW has rocketed due to the insight and encouragement provided by the teaching staff here. I left my last school after nine years not feeling any sadness to be moving on; I feel very differently about my year at MPW.

Having acheived overall A level grades of AAA in Chemistry, Fine Art and Mathematics, Harry has been assessing her university options, with MPW’s continued support, as part of a gap year.


JazzHaving just completed AS levels, Jazz joined MPW Cambridge for a one year course of A2/A levels, aiming at reading Medicine at university.

I knew that I needed to change tack in my A levels if I was going to get the grades that I’d need to be a medic and I found that MPW Cambridge both gave me the best advice from the start and was flexible in adapting the timetable to my needs. The quality of teaching was brilliant and the fact that we were in such small classes meant that we got so much more personal attention and feedback from each tutor. 

With overall A level grades of A*AA achieved in Chemistry, Biology and History, Jazz is now reading Medicine at King's College London.


GeorginaGeorgie came to MPW Cambridge for a series of September to January short unit retake courses, aiming to secure the grades that would help her achieve her goal of becoming a vet.

If I am honest, part of me felt that I had previously done as well as I could in A level terms; what I owe to MPW Cambridge, therefore, is that I came to believe that I could do better there. In all my subjects, my tutors not only taught me in a much more intuitive way, but they also pushed me further whenever I felt I had hit my ceiling. And the level of support was amazing: it went way beyond just simply teaching the subject in the classroom. My History teacher, for example, would set and mark any additional work I did, as well as giving me detailed guidance and notes beyond what he was already giving me in class. At all stages, I felt that I, rather than just the subject, was being taught.

Having secured overall A level grades of A*AA in History (including 100% marks in her two exams), Biology and Chemistry, Georgie realised her dream of reading Veterinary Science, at the University of Liverpool.


SimonSimon joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student after a successful but incomplete high school career in China and was motivated by the dream of reading Engineering at Oxbridge.

I had dreamt about studying at one of the very best of universities in the UK (and the world!) since a young age but I do not really think I had a plan before I came to MPW Cambridge. Of course I have found the academic organisation at MPW very beneficial: because there are few students in a class, you can actually speak with your tutor (this is impossible in China!) and the Timed Assignments give you a short-term revision target. But it would have been impossible in my view for me to get a place at the University of Cambridge without all the guidance and help I have been given at MPW.

Simon is now reading Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences) at St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, thanks to overall A level grades of A*A*A*A* in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.


Rachael MckinneyRachael joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student. She had already achieved very high A level grades in humanistic subjects at her Belfast based school, but came to MPW for courses better suited to her veterinary ambitions.

Before finishing her previous A levels in History, English Literature, Latin and Russian, Rachael remembers:


I had realised that, much as I enjoyed them, I couldn’t see myself taking any of these subjects to university level. Rather, I have always had a love of animals as well as an attraction towards applied sciences, so I planned towards a Veterinary Science degree with further A levels in Biology and Chemistry in a sixth form setting perhaps better suited to these subjects. This brought me to Cambridge and MPW in particular: this was also important because I perceived the need to be away from home and my previous convent school setting as the first steps towards the independent life I’d lead at university – but that was also a bit scary! I knew I’d need help and this came in the form of the support that MPW provided. I couldn’t have asked for more: great teachers, a helpful Personal Tutor and a far wider range of friends – good friends – than I could have otherwise had.

Rachael went on to read Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol, courtesy of the overall A*A* grades she achieved in one-year A level courses at MPW.


AmyAmy joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student after having radically reassessed her university and professional goals. She had been attending a Foundation course at Leeds College of Arts, but decided to revisit A levels in order in pursue her dream of a career in midwifery.

Having decided to change my career path, I needed to attain A levels in new subjects in order to pursue this. MPW not only provided an intensive year which enabled me to take both the AS and A2 level exams, but were also very flexible in meeting my needs. Above all, I received real support from teachers who were all very enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable in their subjects and from my Personal Tutor who helped me complete my UCAS application and supported me in my studies. I have also made some good friends at MPW – we had a lot of laughs, which is important when doing such a full on course!

With overall A level grades of A*B in Biology and Geography, Amy has now secured her place to read Midwifery at King's College London.


Ed NaylorEd joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student. He had been out of formal education for a number of years and only approached MPW in order to pursue his dream of reading Law at a top UK university.

My experience at MPW Cambridge was a wholly positive one. In comparison to my previous schooling, MPW is streets ahead, especially in terms of the classes which are always small and prevent any student wishing to drift along unnoticed. I was also amazed by the unilateral support I received from every person in the college, from my Personal Tutor, to teachers who never even taught me, to the administrative staff who were all brilliant. Significantly, my attitude to learning was changed and that influenced my enjoyment, but that should not detract from the outstanding education offered by MPW. Critical in this, I would probably highlight the teaching standards which have been uniformly outstanding. I have yet to meet an MPW tutor who is anything but fantastic. My fondest personal memory is of the people I studied with – they were all amazing students and really supportive and encouraging in helping me get back into education.

With A level grades of A*AA achieved in English Literature, History and Law, Ed won a place to read Law at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.


Nawaf Al IssaNawaf joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student, aiming for a top university placement. He had previously enjoyed a successful academic track record in Saudi Arabia.

MPW was my first A level schooling experience and was also significant in being my first outside my country. What it signified, in my view, was a personalised teaching atmosphere which hadn’t previously been available to me. Small classes, Personal Tutors, personalised and steady assessment, as well as an informal class atmosphere gave me a taste of what to expect in university tutorials. The two irreplaceable factors in my MPW Cambridge experience were Timed Assignments, which tested my learning regularly, and the Personal Tutor system, which aided me most in choosing what I truly wanted to study at university. I will forever cherish the friendships I made at MPW.

Nawaf went on to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Durham University, courtesy of overall AAA grades in A level English Literature, History and Philosophy.


BiancapatelBianca joined MPW Cambridge as a two year A level student, after a less successful AS-level experience at her previous college.

I had coasted through GCSEs and then seriously underestimated how demanding A level studies would be. My AS-levels at my old college were a wash out. No-one told me what to do, especially when I wasn’t pulling my weight, and that led to me becoming more and more disillusioned with the idea of A levels, let alone university. Nonetheless, with my family’s support, I was not prepared to give up on my dream of a future career in the medical field. MPW Cambridge saved that for me – I know that sounds dramatic but I couldn’t put it any other way! The accountability through Personal Tutors, weekly Timed Assignments and above all the passion of the subject tutors turned things around for me.

Bianca’s excellent A level outcomes of A*A*A* in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics secured her a place to read Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London. 


Sid BixerSid joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student after having started AS-level study in the sixth form of a top UK grammar school.

The main contrast at MPW Cambridge to what I had been used to before was a real focus towards exam results as well as a high level of individual attention not always available in a larger school. It was an opportunity to excel academically without the distractions that I’d had before I joined MPW. The personal and subject tutors knew exactly how to get the best out of my and other students’ abilities. I met a wide variety of people, whilst learning to work and live independently for the first time. I am convinced that these experiences served me well for life as an undergraduate. All in all, I have fond memories of going to a great college in a great location in Cambridge.


Having achieved A level grades of AAA in Economics, History and Mathematics, Sid won a place to read Mathematics with Economics at the University of Sussex.


Sam SonSam joined MPW Cambridge as a student for one-year GCSEs followed by two-year A levels.

Sam had already studied in international settings before arriving at MPW Cambridge:

I had even gone to a Mandarin speaking school in China at one point! However, I was probably a bit obsessed with the idea of going to a stereotypical British public school as a boarder and, to be honest, it has taken me until now to fully appreciate that coming to MPW has been for the best. In getting fab GCSE grades and an overall IELTS score of 7.0 in my first year at MPW, I really enjoyed my English classes and they gave me the confidence to feel that I could compete academically with British students as an equal. When it came to A levels, things had worked out so well at MPW that I thought why change? The teaching environment was so good, with the small classes and very expert but also friendly tutors, that I really hoped university tutorials would be just as good!

With overall A*AAA grades in A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, Sam went on to read Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol.


Sophia HuaSophia joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student. She had already begun AS-levels elsewhere but redefined her course choices at MPW in line with her ambitious university goals.

The problem was that, after starting these courses at my previous school, I had realised that they would not give me the best possible academic foundation to apply for top university courses. Unfortunately, my previous school was not very flexible about allowing me to change my programme of studies. After having been treated so inflexibly before, I was impressed by how open-mindedly but also seriously MPW engaged in my initial course planning. And it did not end there because my Personal Tutor worked so much with me throughout my two years, not only on my UCAS and Oxbridge applications, but also on ensuring my courses balanced out well.

Sophia’s outstanding A level results (which included A*A*A*AA grades in A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics and Government and Politics) won her a place to read Economics at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.


Matt StephensonMatt joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student, having rethought his university goals.

I had originally aimed at reading Medicine at university, but I came to doubt my prior scientific goals. I realised that History had always been a passion for me. In a small class environment at MPW Cambridge, with other students who really wanted to do well and a fantastic tutor to guide us, I was soon on the way to capitalising on this passion. Achieving an A* grade in History and improving my Biology to an A grade so as to secure my target university course, MPW for me felt like a real pre-university experience, even a test for what was to come – nothing could have stood me in better stead!

Matt won a place to read History at the University of York after securing A level grades of A*A in History and Biology at MPW.



Steve JeffersonSteve joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year A level student after an unsuccessful AS-level year at his previous school.

I simply didn’t work at my previous school and, to be honest, I didn’t work that hard at GCSE but still got good results. You can’t do that at A level! Having achieved poor AS-level grades at my old school, I transferred to MPW Cambridge looking to turn over a new leaf, although I did so by progressing directly into Year 13. On completing my courses at MPW, I felt that the college really worked for me, with the small classes and the incredible work ethic. All the staff are focused on getting you to the next stage and all the students on the one-year courses want to do well.

After securing A level grades of AAA in History, Physics and Psychology at MPW, Steve proceeded to read Law with Criminology at the University of Manchester.



Jessie ZhouJessie joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student, after a successful school career in China, with the dream of reading a degree in Economics at a top UK university.


I had no real idea or in-depth understanding of what Economics was – we had never studied it in China! Fortunately though, from the first moment that I was put in touch with MPW Cambridge, I was provided with detailed but understandable information that could make me surer about my choices; this really helped me make a good start to my A level studies. Once I started at MPW, I still felt challenged by some of the English used in Maths and Physics, although that was even tougher in Economics. Therefore, the support I received in my ESOL lessons at MPW was so important – it not only helped me achieve an IELTS score that would satisfy all my target universities’ entry requirements, but also gave me the skills and confidence to participate more fully in my other, A level subjects as well as in life outside college.

Jessie’s outstanding A level (A*A*A*A in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Economics) and IELTS results won her a place to read Economics at University College London.


Alex JonesAlex joined MPW Cambridge as a one-year GCSE student. On completing his GCSEs successfully, he advanced into our sixth form for two-year A levels.

After getting such good GCSE grades at MPW Cambridge, staying on for two-year A levels was a real no brainer! I hadn’t had anything like a bad experience at my previous school, but neither had I gelled as well with other students and tutors as I did in that first year at MPW. Equally importantly, MPW’s GCSE students were in no way made to feel different from those doing A levels. The positive expectations definitely benefited me at GCSE and made me really look forward to A levels, even if I was not totally sure which direction I wanted to take my studies in. However, my Personal Tutor has been a tremendous help throughout and other staff, including some inspirational teachers, have also helped me find my niche. With continued support from MPW, I am sure that I will land on my feet!

Having achieved A level grades of A*A*A in English Literature, Film Studies and Classical Civilisation, Alex is currently being supported by MPW Cambridge in his application to study Film/TV Studies at university.


Flore LinFlora joined MPW Cambridge as a two-year A level student after a successful school career in her native China.

It is easy to say that I had fantastic teachers, a really caring Personal Tutor and that I was so happy to come out with very high grades; however, everyone who helped me at MPW did that because they thought it was their job and they were very passionate about their jobs. While I was pretty sure that I would get onto a great university course, what I never expected to treasure was the memory of living with all these wonderful people and taking away many real friendships. I had previously expected that any social life would damage my academic progress, but I found that these new friends of all nationalities and I helped each other to study better. I could not imagine that happening anywhere other than at MPW.

Flora’s impressive A level results of A*A*A*A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Accounting won her a place to read Mathematics at Imperial College London.