Business A Level Edexcel for Year 13

Length of course: 5 full-day sessions
Boards: Edexcel 9BS0 only

This course is board-specific for the Edexcel specification (9BS0).

This course is for A level Year 13 students only.

This course is not suitable for Year 12. 


There will be exam practice throughout the course and suggestions for effective ways to tackle examination questions.

Theme 1: Marketing and people

• Meeting customer needs
• The market
• Marketing mix and strategy
• Managing people
• Entrepreneurs and leaders.

Theme 2: Managing business activities

• Raising finance
• Financial planning
• Managing finance
• Resource management
• External influences

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

• Business objectives and strategy
• Business growth
• Decision-making techniques
• Influences on business decisions
• Assessing competitiveness
• Managing change

Theme 4: Global business

• Globalisation
• Global markets and business expansion
• Global marketing
• Global industries and companies (multinational corporations).