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IGCSE Mathematics Higher Tier

IGCSE Mathematics Higher Tier

Dates Available

  • Week 1: Monday 27 March – Friday 31 March
  • Week 2: Monday 3 April – Friday 7 April
  • Week 3: Monday 10 April – Friday 14 April

(Good Friday is 7 April 2023; Easter Monday is 10 April 2023)


Edexcel and CIE

Length of Course

5 half-day sessions


9am to 12.30pm and/or 1.30pm to 5pm daily

This course is designed for students whose schools have chosen to follow the Edexcel IGCSE Higher Tier specification (4MA1 – Specification A). Most topics are also suitable for students following the CIE IGCSE specifications 0580 (A*-G grading) and 0626 (9-1 grading), where the student is taking both Core and Extended papers.

The following content will be revised:

  • Numbers and the Number System: Integers; Fractions; Decimals; Powers and roots; Set language and notation; Percentages; Ratio and proportion; Degree of accuracy; Standard form; Applying numbers; Electronic calculators.
  • Equations, Formulae and Identities: Use of symbols; Algebraic manipulation; Expressions and formulae; Linear equations; Proportion; Simultaneous linear equations; Quadratic equations; Inequalities.
  • Sequences and Graphs, Calculus: Sequences; Function notation; Graphs; Calculus.
  • Geometry: Lines and triangles; Polygons; Symmetry; Measures; Construction; Circle properties; Geometrical reasoning; Trigonometry; Mensuration; Similarity; Use of ruler, Protractor and compass.
  • Vectors and Transformation Geometry: Vectors; Transformation geometry.
  • Statistics: Graphical representation and interpretation of data; Statistical measures; Probability.

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