Geography Topics GCSE/IGCSE

Length of course
: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: Suitable for all boards

This course revises topics that are common to GCSE/IGCSE specifications in topic-specific sessions, as detailed below. Please note the following:

The course will not offer board-specific exam practice and will not cover any coursework, investigation requirements, pre-release or decision making requirements.

Each session does not necessarily include ALL of the content within a topic. For example, weather does not include Drought or El Nino/La Nina as it is not a requirement for all boards. Similarly, Ecosystems only covers tropical environments, whereas some boards will specify an additional option such as Polar or Coral reef environments.

Students should bring their own textbooks plus any past papers/questions they are working with.

Students attending fewer than five sessions will be charged at a pro-rata rate.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Tectonic hazards: causes, impacts and management of earthquakes and volcanoes. Weather hazards: causes, impacts, management – atmospheric circulation, tropical storms, UK weather hazards, climate change. Ecosystems: overview of global distribution, tropical rainforests, eg characteristics, value, impacts of human activity, management. Urban areas / cities: global patterns and characteristics, reasons for the growth of megacities, opportunities (positive impacts/issues), challenges (negative impacts/issues), management. Development: indicators and measures of development, global patterns, reasons for and impacts of uneven patterns of development, management strategies.
AQA GCSE (8035)
OCR A GCSE (J383)  
Edexcel A GCSE (1GA0)  
Edexcel B GCSE (1GB0)  
Edexcel IGCSE (4GE1)