Mathematics IGCSE (Higher Tier)

Length of course: 5 half-day sessions
Boards: Edexcel and CIE

This course is designed for students whose schools have chosen to follow the Edexcel IGCSE Higher Tier specification. Most topics are also suitable for students following the CIE IGCSE specifications 0580 (A*-G grading) and 0626 (9-1 grading).

  • Numbers and the Number System: Integers; Fractions; Decimals; Powers and roots; Set language and notation; Percentages; Ratio and proportion; Degree of accuracy; Standard form; Applying numbers; Electronic calculators
  • Equations, Formulae and Identities: Use of symbols; Algebraic manipulation; Expressions and formulae; Linear equations; Proportion; Simultaneous linear equations; Quadratic equations; Inequalities
  • Sequences and Graphs, Calculus: Sequences; Function notation; Graphs; Calculus
  • Geometry: Lines and triangles; Polygons; Symmetry; Measures; Construction; Circle properties; Geometrical reasoning; Trigonometry; Mensuration; Similarity; Use of ruler, Protractor and compass
  • Vectors and Transformation Geometry:Vectors; Transformation geometry
  • Statistics: Graphical representation and interpretation of data; Statistical measures; Probability