A level Results Day 2019

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MPW Cambridge celebrated another excellent A level results day. In fact, our class of 2019 achieved the best A level results in five years. With 44% of our A level entries being awarded A*-A grades, there was a real buzz throughout the college, with excited students and proud parents revelling in the joyous atmosphere created by such a wonderful accomplishment. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Jessica Franklin 1 UseCongratulatory exclamations could be heard up and down the college halls as students who were unable to come to college called their Personal Tutors having received their results via email. Indeed, many of these conversations demonstrated the immense gratitude that students felt towards their Personal Tutors for their one to one, weekly support throughout their studies, something quite unique to MPW. 

While photos were being taken and hugs were being shared, stories were exchanged about students’ positive experiences at MPW. Although exams were now firmly at the back of students’ minds, Hugs Squarechatter could be heard praising the weekly tests that students take for each of their subjects and how these tests helped them to hone their exam technique skills. One student commented: “Before I came to MPW I was always so worried about exams and panicked. Thanks to the weekly testing and the consistent, positive support from my Personal Tutor, I sat my exams with confidence and am now going to the top-tier university of my choice to study the course of my choice. Thank you so much MPW!” 

This excitement for the future was echoed by students preparing for the next stage of their academic lives, many attending Russell Group universities having gained places on extremely competitive courses including Medicine, Law, Engineering and Zoology to name but a few. Others were looking forward to thrilling gap years, such as travelling to the USA to work in the labs of prestigious universities. Many of our students were inspired by the enrichment programme that we offer, encouraging students’ independence.Mb Bustergif Square One such student explained: “My Personal Tutor opened my eyes to the wide array of enrichment opportunities that Cambridge has to offer. With his guidance, I was also able to take full advantage of MPW’s connections with the University of Cambridge. I’m now really looking forward to my gap year in industry!” 

It is the combined dedication of our students to their studies, working with expert tutors and with the guidance of their personal tutors that enables us to celebrate with such delight each year. Not to mention the support received from families and the wider college community. Wherever our class of 2019 students are going and whatever they are pursuing, we wish them all the very best of luck with their future endeavours and look forward to hearing all about their continued success. An opportunity to share new stories will be at our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening on 16th December, a very special occasion at the University of Cambridge’s Homerton College and a chance for our staff and students to come together again. 

All of us at MPW Cambridge are looking forward to welcoming our class of 2020 and celebrating their successes next year. Es Marts SquareWhether students are commencing an A level education for the first time or whether they are with us to improve upon their current grades, we will work together to develop a personalised combination of course structures to suit them and to help them achieve. From one-year A level courses to two-year courses we will formulate a plan together that will work for them.  

If MPW Cambridge’s uniqueness appeals to you, we would love to hear from you. Call us to make an appointment with a member of our senior management team who will take the time to discuss your requirements with you in detail and show you around our wonderful college. We will also be hosting our Autumn Open Day on Thursday 31st October, an ideal opportunity to see our students and staff working together in our daily environment. We look forward to welcoming you.