A visit to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge


During half term, I went to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. First I visited the exhibition ‘Hide and Seek: Looking for Children’ in the Li Ka Shing Gallery. This was fascinating to witness as it provided the viewer with glimpses into children’s lives across England from 1 million years ago, up until the 21st century.

It was interesting to see that children still play with similar toys. For example, there was a sledge on display which looked familiar to the ones used today. The main difference was that the sledge displayed was made from horse bone. It was also exciting to look at small pots which had been moulded by children learning the secrets of pottery making. Some pots had small discernible fingerprints or patterns. Back then, children copied patterns from other pots. 

Next, I visited the Maudslay Hall gallery, which hosted a display of the museum’s principle Anthropological artefacts such as a tall carved Maori flagpole and a range of traditional Sami costumes.  Gender and age determined the style of these costumes.

This museum is well worth a visit for anyone interested in exploring and researching societies and cultures.

Ellie Harrison