Ethics Matters! Students meet famous Religious Studies author, Peter Vardy

Ethics Matters!

The speakers were Dr Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy and the topics discussed covered ethical issues from both the AS and the A2 Religious Studies specification. The students received booklets which should be extremely helpful to prepare them for their examinations. In addition to providing notes on a variety of ethical theories the booklets contained activities for active learning and some extension exercises. The conference was presented as a series of university style lectures, which moved quickly through the topics. The students had to focus carefully and to their credit they managed to follow the discussion.

Just before lunch students were invited to debate the motion “This house believes that the use of drones cannot be part of a just war!” They really enjoy these debates and would probably prefer this type of learning experience. A lively discussion ensued before students went off into Cambridge for some lunch. DVDs were given to teachers so that these topics could be debated further in class.

The students benefited from listening to Dr. Peter Vardy, the author of several textbooks and were able to experience what life at university may be like if they choose a Theology, Philosophy or Religious Studies course.

Lisa Foster, Religious Studies