Local MP Julian Huppert talks to GCSE students

Local MP Julian Huppert talks to GCSE students

On Monday 20th April, Liberal Democrat MP – now standing for re-election, so technically, at this present time, he is not an MP – Julian Huppert came to speak to us about his time in politics, issues with today’s politics and also issues with former politics and political figure heads. Huppert was pressed on a number of issues that surround young people today, with lots of the questions surrounding housing and tuition fees.

The housing issue was one which most of the 45 minutes was spent talking about, with Mr Huppert explaining what he and his party regard as a very important matter. Quite rightly, as it is quite an important matter. Huppert explained the reasoning behind the extortionate housing prices in Cambridge, as well as answering any other questions on what some people might have regarded as a bit more complicated; topics included whether the coalition has actually served the population, the fact that there are now more food banks than ever before and many more.

Huppert did provide sufficient evidence for people’s views to change and spoke very impressively. When pressed, he answered the questions that were asked and did not dodge the issues that many wanted answered. Our students all very much enjoyed this gripping and informative event.

I’d like to wish him all the best in the up and coming election.