Local MP meets up with GCSE students (and takes on Jo-Jo Hall!)

Local MP meets up with GCSE students (and takes on Jo-Jo Hall!)

Julian started with a brief introduction into the role of the Government in the United Kingdom and how parliament operates before asking for questions from the floor. The students were initially a little reticent but once education and Michael Gove’s plans for the future were discussed the debate gained momentum. Julian was really interested in the concerns that young people have about their future and he answered their questions in detail. Jo-Jo Hall was particularly vociferous and he had a variety of questions for Julian to answer.

Other areas discussed were the lack of affordable facilities available for young people. The students seemed keen to have a permanent ice rink in Cambridge as this would be a place to socialise and to keep fit. The students felt that their concerns were taken on board and that maybe some of their comments might find their way through to Parliament.

It was interesting to note that whilst some students had strong opinions on where changes could be made to education or the provision of leisure facilities, there was still a reluctance to vote. Julian explained the reasons for using their vote and having a voice. We thank Julian for giving up his time and for leading a lively debate. Perhaps he managed to persuade some students that their opinions mattered and deserved to be heard!

Lisa Foster, Head of GCSE