Biology-Geography Field Trip

Biology-Geography Field Trip 2013

On Wednesday 2nd October, 23 Biology and Geography students travelled to the east Norfolk coast.

Our first stop was at Winterton, after a quick comfort break at Little Chef followed by hot coffees and teas, getting ready to face the elemnts. Embracing the cold and windy weather, we layered up and entered the sand dunes with all the equipment required.

We split into 6 groups with Leonie, ourselves and Rob forming the elite group, charged with the responsibility of setting up the transect (a transect defines a series of zones). All the data was collected (to varying standards – one group forgot to write down the site numbers, would you believe it?!)

After a well-earned lunch, we headed to Sea Palling where the Biologists and the Geographers split up. The Biologists looked at rock pools whilst we learnt about hard engineering whilst freezing sitting on one of the hard engineering techniques – known to non-geographers as the sea wall!. However, we took solace in the fact that we weren’t the coldest on the beach as there was a boy in swimming trunks doing some filming! We finished the day by being allowed to play in the amusement arcades for a little while – but unfortunately our gambling exploits did not pay off.

After a scenic, eye opening and enjoyable day at the beach, we headed home to take off our wellies and relax without sand in our feet and free from the wind in our hair and ears! A good result, and some excellent data to analyse and evaluate in the upcoming days!