Biology-Geography Field Trip

Cambridge F16

Winterton-on-Sea was the first ecosystem we visited.

We took samples of the sand dunes, which involved pH values, light intensity and percentage cover of species. We also took soil samples that we brought back to school to take readings of mineral content. It was really nice taking the things we learnt in the classroom into the real world.

As well as improving our sampling techniques, we saw much intraspecific competition... for ice cream at the café. Visiting Sea Palling next, we were able to learn about the history of the community and the very important role it has in the protection of the Great British coasts.

The range of animals we found on the beach was awesome. Lawrence found a tiny baby crab that was very cute and we produced drawings of species like starfish and anemone. It was a very nice day at the seaside!


Thanks to Dot McEvoy and Kat Firth for the text.