Business Studies Conference

Business Trip 618X270 

"Wait, we are not alone! They are coming now!"


On a sunny Friday 25th November, students taking one-year A-level and A2 attended the Business conference hosted by Tutor2U at the Lights cinema in Cambridge. Students arrived with high spirits and motivation to learn something new. They were especially excited to meet the host of the conference Jim Riley.

Upon arrival, each student received a revision workshop booklet on all the topics that were going to be covered as well as the link to the PowerPoint presentation. The conference started with a warm up quiz about real life business operations and moved on to Application techniques. Hosts took turns in presenting different case studies and topics covered in the conference. The conference moved on to analytical skills where students were encouraged to work together in answering the case study question in context to analytical skills. Students then treated themselves to a lunch in a variety of eating places available near the cinema. The second half of the conference carried on discussing Quantitative skills and Evaluation techniques.

Towards the end each student representing his or her college gave a speech about profit maximization. My classmates persuaded me to represent MPW. Overall it was a useful conference that discussed different exam skills and application methods. Students enjoyed the conference a lot. They were very mature and remained on task throughout the whole time.