Business Studies Trip with Tutor2u in London

Business Studies Trip

A highly popular Business Studies revision workshop was attended by A Level students. It was run by Tutor2u and was held at the VUE cinema in London, on Friday 30th November.

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank to Hilary Street for the organization of such a wonderful and useful business trip! I am convinced that every student has benefited from it.

It was a good opportunity to all of students who are interested in Business Studies to revise well before January exams, identify common mistakes and topics you have gaps in, learn some secrets of the exam’s techniques, and of course show your knowledge and compete with other students. (Not only are business and competition closely linked in a business reality, but are also linked in everyday life!). It was a great pleasure for me to practise, revise, show my knowledge and compete on behalf of our College.

The workshop was organized very well. We had breaks, booklets, broad discussions and prizes as motivation for answering questions and thinking carefully. Motivation! Business is everywhere! Additionally, revision guides and booklets for practising at home were given at the end. Remember: “Practice and revision make perfect”. We should take the maximum benefit from it.
Look forward to going on such a revision trip next time! It would be a good opportunity to have such a workshop in each subject.

Finally, a big thank to Hilary and Joel for taking responsibility for A Level students and accompanying us! And good luck to all students with exams in January!!