A level Business Strong Foundations Workshop

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On Monday 26th of November, our A level Business students attended the “A level Business Strong Foundations Workshop” at the Westfield Centre in London. The workshop was hosted by two of the well-known Tutor2u founders and senior examiners, Graham Priora and Jim Riley. Once the students arrived, they each received a booklet which they later used throughout the event to answer exam style questions and learn some examination techniques.

“It was very helpful hearing from an examiner explaining to us what it is that they look for in exam answers. Seeing the infamous Jim Riley in person was quite spectacular.” - George

The workshop started with simple analysis questions which taught the students how to use contextualised analysis and logical chain of reasonings in their essays. Then, Jim Riley, with his popular voice in all Tutor2u YouTube videos, showed the students how to write effective judgements and evaluations. All the examples given to the students were about real-life businesses such as Greggs, Cost Less, Apple, Tesco and Poundland. The students also had the chance to revise most of the business theories they had learnt in their course such as Porter’s Five Forces, Ansoff Matrix, Economies of Scale and Porter’s Generic Strategies.

“It was so useful to have an insight into additional subject areas from the expert, Jim Riley, who I follow avidly via his Tutor2U tutorials.” - Freddie

After lunch, all the students were busy using their calculators to answer numerical questions or discuss some short answers with their classmates. Every student was reminded how to write arguments that are fully developed and in depth, use business concepts, models, theories and specialist terminology to get the highest possible grades in their final business exams.

Business Trip Group

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students and they all gained a huge amount from the experts.

The trip was really useful because it helped me understand more deeply how to answer exam questions.” - Carola