GCSE Chemistry trip to the Cambridge Science Festival

GCSE Chemistry trip to the Cambridge Science Festival

On the 15th of March, the MPW Chemistry GCSE group saw the much anticipated lecture on rocket science appropriately named “It’s Rocket Science”.

It was part of the Cambridge Science Festival. We were accompanied by David Coates, our Chemistry teacher, and Lisa Foster, Head of GCSE. The lecture was exciting and entertaining, but educational nonetheless.

The exciting experiments such as creating and using mini jet engines and rockets all in the lecture hall were both interestingly explained and wonderfully presented, as I found often found myself both listening attentively and preparing and guarding my ears for the inevitably loud bang, seemingly simultaneously (if that’s even possible).

The lecture, although presented primarily by one team of scientists, was interactive at times. For example, I remember that we all were given paper aeroplane plans that we were told to make. Half of the audience were given green planes and the remaining half were given red ones, those with red planes had to place a paper clip on the back of the aeroplane  and those with green ones placed a paper clip in the middle. Around half way through the lecture we were told to launch the planes at the lecturer. Reds went first and littered the room with paper planes flying in every direction, the greens followed with more success going generally in the same direction. The point of the test was to show the importance of the centre of gravity when building planes and rockets.

Along with this we saw a go-kart, powered by a fire extinguisher, liquid nitrogen combined with boiling water and of course lots and lots of explosions.

In conclusion, the Chemistry lecture “It’s Rocket Science” was a fun yet enlightening experience, and though I may have lost my hearing, I gained curiosity and interest in the subject!