GCSE Geography Field Trip



On the fourteenth of October we went to the city of Cambridge to investigate traffic problems and research whether there are more traffic problems in the core (Central Business District area) than the frame (just out the CBD aka the city centre). We started off in the frame and gradually made our way into the core. The purpose of this was to stop and count the number of vehicles and pedestrians passing through each site and determine if they were heading into or out of the core. We were trying to substantiate if the traffic inflow and outflow differs in the core and in the frame of Cambridge.


We looked at ten different sites. 5 sites were in the core and the other five were in the frame.  In order to identify congested roads we collected data: number of cars, cyclists, buses, motorcycles and pedestrians. We visited many places like the market square to ask people questions and see what they thought about the traffic problems in the city. We also went to different streets to determine if there are worse problems in certain areas of Cambridge.


We discovered that there were more cars heading into Cambridge than going out but there were more traffic problems on the outer skirts. This trip was very useful to us as it helped as collect key evidence, facts and statistics, to use in our Geography assignment.


GCSE Geography class