GCSE Residential Trip to Mepal

GCSE Residential Trip to Mepal 2014

The GCSE Year group benefited from a mild Autumn as we journeyed to Mepal for our GCSE residential visit. Although the wind factor prevented us from sailing, we undertook a variety of other activities throughout our five day stay.

On arrival, students took part in either Archery or Rifle shooting, surprising themselves with their ability to hit the targets. We had lunch before donning our wetsuits and working in teams to build two rafts. One raft was stable and seaworthy, the other broke apart as soon as it entered the lake and had to be repaired before the race began. The students became extremely competitive and there was much splashing and shouting throughout the race. Penny Isitt and I were aboard the winning raft, spending most of our time preventing Ben from standing up and capsizing our vessel!

Meanwhile, back in Cambridge, six Geographers plus Richard Glass and Leonie Llewellyn visited the city centre to assess how tourism impacts upon Cambridge. The Geographers managed to collect a vast amount of data for their Controlled Assessment task. They then hopped into a minibus and joined the rest of the GCSE cohort at Mepal. Following our dinner, the students either worked on Geography or English. Penny had brought props with her and the students got into character to act out their own scenes from their set text “Of Mice and Men”. Adam produced a hilarious portrayal of Curley’s wife.

On Tuesday, the students began work on the climbing wall, culminating in them achieving the NICAS Level 1 qualification for climbing by the end of their stay. The exception was Ed, who built upon his climbing skills from last year’s residential to achieve his NICAS Level 2 award! Liz Masters also came along in the evening to do some Biology revision tactics and to support her PSHE work with the students.

Other activities undertaken during the week were the high ropes, kayaking, fencing and orienteering. The GCSE students also had the opportunity to see their staff in a less formal environment as Principal Nick Marriott, Assistant Principal Markus Bernhardt and Director of Studies Joel Rickard attended the residential on a rota basis.

During the evenings, students worked on homework preparation for their Controlled Assessment tasks and also had sessions on logic puzzles and Fenland Games.

The final evening was more relaxed and students got into four times for a general knowledge quiz and happily chomped their way through chocolate bars.