GCSE trip to Grafham Water

GCSE trip to Grafham Waters

The week before half term we all went to Grafham water for a week.  We were accompanied by Lisa and Malcolm for the week and were also joined by Nick and Markus. A fun time was had by all!

On the water

We arrived there around midday, and started our activities after having lunch. We were split into three groups; one group concentrated on sailing, the second concentrated on kayaking and canoeing, and the third concentrated on climbing, but each group tried out each other’s activity, as well as doing high ropes and archery.  This meant that the Sailors achieved the RYA 1 certificate, the Paddlers gained the BCU 1 star award and the climbers were awarded the NICAS Foundation climber certificate.  In addition to this everyone faced personal challenges, whether it was overcoming a fear of heights or learning to capsize a boat.  The messiest activity was mountain biking and we had to cycle through aquagmire; all of the group were mud splattered and exhausted by the end of the ride.

In the evening

We also did activities in the evenings. We did homework on the first night, but then on Thursday night, we did a quiz in our groups. We had a Mirror dinghy drive, a newspaper and marble challenge and Group A were victorious in the Quiz.  The prizes were all chocolate based.  In addition to this one of the students had a birthday and we had a huge chocolate cake to celebrate.

The week was enjoyable and I would definitely go again!