Religious Studies A2 Conference


On Tuesday 22 November, the students taking A-level in one year and the A2 students attended the “Faith Seeking Understanding” Conference in Cambridge.  The conference was led by Dr. Peter Vardy, former Vice-Principal of Heythrop College of the University of London. 

The topics concentrated on both the Ethics and Philosophy of Religion Elements of the Religious Studies A-level Course.  Students looked at whether religious language can be considered to be meaningful and how effective the Ontological Argument is as an A priori proof of the existence of God.  They were then invited to contribute to the debate at the end of the morning session. The students treated themselves to lunch at Subway before returning to discuss Virtue Ethics and what does it mean to be a human.  The session ended with a debate on whether we should be free to do whatever we want to in life. 

The students received a booklet each on all the topics discussed during the conference and the college will also receive copies of the power point presentations.  Dr. Vardy moved at a fast pace, raising controversial questions throughout the day.

The students did exceptionally well to stay on task and they acted as excellent ambassadors for MPW Cambridge and our education.