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We recognise that the continuing global Covid-19 outbreak is causing considerable concern for students and their families in the UK and around the world, and we are striving hard to provide an excellent MPW student experience and continuity in these unique and uncharted times. Below are just a few of the many positive comments we have received about our response to the pandemic and our online provision.

Current students and parents are able to contact MPW London as usual with any questions. Families interested in joining MPW London should contact us via our website (UK students) or via our International Team (international students) to talk with our teams who will be able to assist you.

The latest information about MPW’s arrangements can be viewed on our dedicated Ready to Go website.

"What MPW have been able to switch to and provide in this crisis by far and away exceeds what any other organisation in the education sector has even come close to providing. you are working more similar to a fully funded international investment bank than any school, or university. Note that there I include the whole circle of top 5 academic schools in the U.K., all of which I have parent contacts with whom I have been comparing notes. None of them are remotely as resourced as MPW. So, please take congratulations and please pass that on to your whole organisation. "


"Super impressed how MPW has risen to the Corona crisis and set up excellent online class teaching for their students. Today is the first day and classes went ahead just as if they were in school. The unique set up of MPW of usually only having about 6-8 students per class make this of course a little easier than if one has a class of 17/35 but that’s why we chose MPW to start with. MPW is flexible and makes the impossible possible for their students. Thank you to all the staff and teachers who persevere in these difficult times to get these young people their education! "


"Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, it was detailed had the same format as our normal lessons and allowed for group discussion as well. I also enjoyed the fact that we could use the message tool and were able to collectively produce a revision document at the end. "


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