Student Case Histories


(Most recent case histories from summer 2019 at the top)



Case study Caroline Demby

Caroline joined MPW from St Paul's Girls' school with A level grades BBB. After spending one year at MPW studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry, Caroline left with A*A*A* and secured a place at the University of Leeds to read Natural Sciences. Caroline says:  

MPW has such a warm and friendly environment and the staff always make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. The experience of attending MPW was overwhelmingly positive and I would always be excited to come in and learn. They enabled me to regain my self-belief and feel confident with my subjects. MPW made a huge difference to me and helped me to improve by two grades in each subject within a year. This means I am going to my first choice university. I was worried about having to spend my gap year at a college retaking my A levels but MPW made it as enjoyable an experience as it could be and I came out with a lovely group of new friends and a new-found confidence, I couldn't recommend it more!


Lydia Web

Lydia joined MPW for our one-year GCSE programme. She took seven subjects over the course of the year and achieved 100% of her grades at A*/A or 9-7!  She has now progressed into the sixth form here at MPW London. Lydia says:

I joined MPW in Year 11 and was apprehensive about completing the GCSE programme in one year. However I found that the structure enabled me to really focus on my academic studies and to learn to be responsible for my work. The relationship with the tutors was very grown up and they really believed in me from the beginning. The small class sizes made me more confident to participate and increased my independence. I discovered abilities in Maths and Science, subjects which I had previously discounted. The quality of the pastoral care and the flexibility enabled me to achieve results that I didn’t think possible.


Student Testimonial Carlos

Carlos joined MPW from Latymer Upper School with A level grades ACCD. He felt that these grades did not reflect his abilities and spent one year at MPW studying Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He left with A*AAB and a place at UCL to read Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance. Carlos says:  

I came here to get my grades and I really like MPW because they get things done. We make good use of our time and everything is so well organised. The teaching that I received for Further Maths in particular was incredibly well planned out with good continuity between topics and lots of relevant examples. By the time you come to having a go at any past papers, you are incredibly well prepared. The Director of Studies system is different to what I've previously experienced and it works. My Director of Studies is fantastic. She's on top of everything, she's very quick to get back to me if I have a question and she's really supportive. I would recommend MPW because it makes it easy to get the grades you're looking for, no matter what type of student you are they will really make it work for you.



Hatty joined MPW from St Mary's Calne for our one-year GCSE course. She took nine subjects over one year and achieved grades A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A* alongside an A in an additional maths qualification. She is now progressing to the sixth from at Brighton College. Hatty says:  

I felt like I had outgrown boarding so I moved to MPW to complete my GCSEs. MPW gives you much more freedom and trust than boarding school, which I think has really benefited me and given me the confidence to make my own good decisions. The teachers make you work really hard but it pays off! The focus is much more academic than at my previous school, which is what I needed for my grades, and with the small classes, they can tailor the teaching to what suits you and adapt to your needs. Having a Director of Studies is great as well, I found it particularly good at the beginning having someone who I could approach and could show me around. I would recommend MPW, particularly because I like how they let you manage your own time and make your own decisions. It felt really good to gain some independence!



Rebecca joined MPW from Australia for our one-year A level course in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She achieved grades AAA and won a place to read Medicine at the University of Leicester. Rebecca says:

Moving from Australia, I chose to study at MPW to get into Medical school in the U.K. 

Studying three A levels in one year was very hard but if you are prepared to show commitment MPW will support you all the way. Attention to the individual, rigorous teaching and genuinely good pastoral care. I have achieved my goal and made lifelong friends. 



sadia islam

Sadia joined MPW from Francis Holland School with A level grades BC in Religious Studies and Chemistry. She felt that these grades were not reflective of her abilities and she took a six-month retake course in RS alongside a one-year course in Chemistry. At MPW, Sadia achieved A*A and won a place to read Neuroscience at King's College London. Sadia says:


MPW made a daunting process into a manageable one. From the day I joined I felt welcomed and every member of staff has been helpful and friendly. Every teacher is highly knowledgeable in their field and they are dedicated to helping us achieve the grades we need. The Director of Studies system means we were well taken care of throughout our time at MPW and there is a perfect balance of helping us whilst still maintaining our independence and being treated as respected adults. The teachers are very approachable and patient and this makes the learning environment relaxed but focused. MPW provided me with everything I needed to have a successful university application, and it is clear that the staff really care about each individual student. Most importantly, being at MPW brought back my academic confidence and by the time it was exam season I felt very well prepared.


Alexia Knighton For Web

Lexi joined MPW from Bradfield College with A level grades of BCC in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She felt that these did not reflect her abilities and took a one-year A level retake course at MPW in Chemistry and Maths. Lexi achieved AA and won a place to read Biological Science at the University of Surrey. Lexi says:  

I decided to retake half of my A levels as I had a change of heart about the course I wanted to study at university and there was room for improvement in the grades that I had achieved. I therefore took the opportunity to take a gap year, do some travelling and improve my grades. I chose to study at MPW due to a few reasons, the main one being that a large amount of my friends had attended their Easter courses and found them extremely useful. The other reason being due to their excellent reputation for retake students. MPW provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet new people who were in a similar situation to me, which made it easy to settle in and make new friends. They were also more than willing to cater to my exact needs, providing one on one sessions and a tutor that I could go to if I had any queries.



Rosie joined MPW from Prior's Field School for our two-year GCSE course. She achieved grades A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A and has progressed to the sixth form at Bedales. Rosie says:  

I chose MPW because my family live locally and I wanted to attend a day school. I really liked the college atmosphere at MPW, and the freedom of not having to wear a uniform and not having to attend things like assemblies. The teaching is really good, they are more encouraging than at my previous school and it is very focussed - they do not waste time teaching you things that you do not need to know and it is exam focussed in a good way! Having a Director of Studies has been so good. Maya is really nice, very supportive and helps to keep me organised and on track. My favourite thing about MPW is the relaxed 'feel' of the college and the people I have met who are all so friendly. I would recommend MPW, it has been a great school for me in terms of grades and friends. 


Student testimonial Tallulah (1)

Tallulah joined MPW from Charterhouse School to take one-year A level courses in Politics and History, having not fulfilled her potential on her previous Results Day. Tallulah achieved grades A*A* at MPW and won a place to read History at Cambridge University. Tallulah says:

This year has been a journey for me. When I started in August my confidence was shot and I didn’t know if I was going to go to the universities I’d always dreamed of so my time at MPW has really been one of gaining confidence back and believing in myself but also having a new attitude in terms of the future. This year I received university offers from Cambridge, Bristol and Durham which was great news and MPW has really given me back the belief that I can achieve top grades and succeed. They give you the independence to direct your own time; although there is an extra-curricular programme, there is no pressure to take on a lot of extra activities and you focus on what is important to you, which in my case was studying. 


In terms of teaching style I think the best thing that my teachers gave me was all the exam materials and especially model answers. I don’t think that I’d grasped before what the examiners want to see and reading their ideal answers was probably the best tool that I got. They also encouraged me to do my best by always giving me fair constructive criticism.  They weren’t ever shying away from explaining how I needed to change something which was the best approach because if I understand what I’m doing wrong there and then, I have more of a chance to correct it for the exam. All the practice and not avoiding the fact that we did have exams at the end of the year were really valuable to my end goal. 


Student testimonial Nathaniel

Nathaniel joined MPW for our one-year A level courses in History, English Literature and Politics. He achieved grades A*A*A* and won a place to read History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Nathaniel says: 

All of my teachers have been great; they are experienced, friendly and treat us all like adults rather than teenagers. My English teacher Richard is the best teacher I have ever had! He made me see how to approach the study of English Literature and what to write about in a way that no-one else had ever managed. I’ve also enjoyed the freedom to be able to come and go, and being in a city. There is so much to do and we’ve been on a lot of theatre trips after school which is something I hadn’t been able to do as easily before due to the location of my school. My favourite thing about MPW has been the people. I have made some really good friends and all of my teachers have been excellent. 


Student testimonial Tiffany

Tiffany joined MPW from Lancing College for our one-year GCSE courses. She achieved grades A*A*A*A*A*A*AA and went on to two-year A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She achieved grades A*A*A* as well as an A in AS level Art and won a place to read Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College. Tiffany says: 

I have loved MPW. The class sizes are very small and it is easy to ask questions. The teaching is really interactive and they all care so much about the students and are here to help whenever you need it. In my opinion education is not about how you look or dress so I was glad to have the freedom not to wear a uniform and to be who I wanted to be. MPW is really supportive, no-one judges anyone and each student to develop in their own way. When I first joined I saw my Director of Studies once a week to support me and I really appreciated her help. Then when I was older my Director of Studies helped a lot with my UCAS statement, suggesting what to include and perfecting it with me. I honestly don’t think I would have got any university offers without their help. 


Student testimonial Chris B

Chris joined MPW from UCS with A level grades of ABB. He felt that this did not represent his abilities and took one-year courses with MPW in Maths, Physics and Latin, improving his grades to A*A*A. He won a place at the University of Bath to read Mechanical Engineering. Chris says: 

The teaching has been very good. My Physics teacher in particular explained things very clearly. I have a bad habit of not doing my homework and they really kept me on track and never let me slack off. They hassled me but in a good way! I wasn’t too enthusiastic about Latin before this year but my teacher Francesco really turned that around and made it fun. I thought I would feel strange adjusting to a new college but my teachers were really good at not making me feel out of place and helping me to settle in. One of my favourite things about MPW is the people I have met, who are all really nice and really fun to be with. My Director of Studies was really enthusiastic which rubbed off on me. When I joined MPW I was down about having not achieved my potential but she made me see what a good opportunity this year was for me. She also helped enormously with UCAS, taking the time to clearly explain what I needed to do and supporting me. 


Student testimonial Adonis

Adonis joined MPW from Emanuel School for our two-year A level courses in History, ICT and Politics. He achieved grades A*A*A and is currently taking a gap year and applying to university. Adonis says: 

I chose MPW because I had heard many positive things about the teaching and student life there. The small class sizes mean that the teaching is very thorough and teachers are able to spend more time with each student individually, providing support and helping students to focus. MPW is a great school for students that prefer working in small groups. I would recommend MPW because it aids learning by offering a school atmosphere that all students feels comfortable in which is heightened by the individual, one-to-one teaching style.


Student testimonial Emily

Emily joined MPW from City of London School for Girls after her AS year. She achieved grades A*AAA in Maths, Art, Biology and Chemistry over two years at MPW and won a place to read Medicine at the University of East Anglia. Emily says: 

My brother came to MPW and went on to read Medicine, which is what I wanted to do, so I decided to move to MPW after a disappointing AS year. The staff are so experienced and gave me advice on how to achieve what I wanted. I was faced with a lot of confusing options and they made themselves available to help me and my family to put together a plan of what to do. When I spoke to Simon, the Head of Science, and said I wanted to read Medicine he was really encouraging and all the staff at MPW made me believe that I could achieve what I wanted and that they would help me to get there. The teachers at MPW all love their subjects and I felt very confident that they were giving me everything I needed to get the grades I wanted, including very helpful Course Notes. The staff have been kind and supportive, and really gone beyond their call of duty throughout my time at MPW.


Ollie For Web

Oliver joined MPW from King's College School for our one-year GCSE courses. He achieved grades A*A*A*AAAAA and progressed into the sixth form to take two-year A level courses in English, History and French. Oliver achieved A*A*A and won a place to read Law at the University of Bristol. Oliver says: 

The small classes offered at MPW are beneficial to any subject, but I feel that in humanities they are especially important. In my English Literature set of 7, everyone was able to voice their opinion and their concerns, and most importantly the teacher was able to cater to our individual needs.

Another important aspect of MPW is that you are taught right up to the exam date. I found this to be highly beneficial – I learn and consolidate knowledge more effectively when I am in school. To be taught up to the day before an exam is something that my friends at other schools did not have – their teaching stopped a few weeks before they sat the exam.


I feel that the teachers all care deeply about their student’s futures and performance. More importantly, all students are allocated a Director of Studies, who oversees their performance and wellbeing. In the A2 year, the DoS is especially important given that it is the DoS who organises and oversees your UCAS application. UCAS is something that MPW invests lots of time and effort in: my DoS saw me weekly for a month or two in order to ensure that my application was the best it could possibly be.


Another important point is the class resources. Some schools choose to teach from textbooks, but this is often quite dry. At MPW, each department creates their own “Course Notes”, which are tailored to the course and subject. This is just an example of the dedication that MPW has towards learning – I feel that all of my teachers and their respective departments were deeply dedicated to my learning.


I’ve had three fantastic years at MPW: I’ve had a happy time, I’ve met some amazing people, and, most importantly, I’ve left school knowing that I have fulfilled my potential, leaving with GCSE and A Level grades that I can be proud of. 


Student testimonial Ashish

Ashish joined MPW from Tiffin Girls School with A level grades of BBB in Biology, Economics and Mathematics. She took one-year A level courses, achieved AAA and won a place to read Economics at the University of Bristol. Ashish says: 

A friend from Tiffin told me the teaching at MPW was really good and that she had enjoyed it there so I decided to enrol. I felt a lot of pressure at my previous school and it was really refreshing to come to MPW and feel a lot less stressed about the exams. The teaching was a high standard and everyone was really helpful and thorough but at the same time the environment felt relaxed and I enjoyed being treated like an adult. I love the people at MPW and have made some really good friends here. I would recommend MPW because it delivers: students get what they set out to do. 


Student testimonial Christos

Christos joined the sixth form at MPW from Epsom College. He took A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics over three years, achieving A*AA and won a place to read Biomedical Sciences at UCL. Christos says: 

I had heard good things about MPW and particularly wanted to join because I had been recommended by a friend and also because of the small class sizes. The teaching is excellent: really interactive and personal. The small class sizes mean you get a lot of one-to-one support and the teachers are very dedicated and always willing to help with any questions. My Director of Studies has been helpful, supportive and is always there if I need anything. The environment at MPW is much more mature than my previous schools, it’s like an intermediate point between school and university. I was used to being treated like a child but at MPW I have more freedom and respect.


Student testimonial Susannah

Susannah joined MPW from Sevenoaks School for our two-year A level courses in English, History and Religious Studies. She achieved grades AAA as well as a C in AS level French and won a place to read English Literature at the University of Sussex. Susannah says: 

I wanted to move to the A level system (Sevenoaks teach the IB) and I was attracted to MPW because it was flexible and did not force students to do all the extra things that a school would, for example assemblies. The teaching has been really good and we get a lot of one-to-one support if we need it. The English Department here is great and I have enjoyed going on a lot of theatre trips outside of lessons. My Director of Studies has been great – always available, quick to reply, and someone that I can talk to about anything, school related or otherwise. I did pottery extra-curricular which I really enjoyed and it was a good way of meeting people outside of my subjects.


Student testimonial Druvi

Druvi joined MPW from the Wirral Grammar School for Boys with A level grades of ABB and a B in AS level Chemistry. He took one-year A level courses in Biology and Chemistry, achieved A*A and won a place to read Medicine at the University of Liverpool. Druvi says: 

I felt like I hadn’t tried hard enough the first time and that it would be worth giving my A levels another shot. I looked around a number of colleges and thought MPW was my best option: they seemed like they had a plan and had a lot to offer in terms of resources and well-organised teaching. My teachers at MPW were exceptional and I really felt like they believed in me. That feeling of everyone having my back helped me to believe in myself and to think I could do this. My Director of Studies had so much positivity towards me, it was amazing and I really appreciate his support. I have developed so much personally at MPW and before results day I was thinking to myself that even if I had not achieved my place at my first-choice university it would still have been worth coming. It’s been a great experience, I feel much more confident both personally and academically – and the icing on the cake is that I’ve got into Med School!


Student testimonial andreas

Andreas joined MPW from France for our two-year GCSE courses, after which he joined the sixth form for two-year A level courses. Andreas achieved A*ABB in French, History, Ancient History and Spanish and won a place to read Ancient History at the University of Birmingham. Andreas says: 

 I wanted to transition into the English schooling system and MPW seemed like the perfect place to do that: it is very supportive and I have found it to be a great working environment. The teaching really brings all of the students together and the small classes allow for proper discussion of topics enabling students to absorb information which really worked for me. My favourite thing about MPW is the close knit environment in which every student can be supported. It’s perfectly balanced – there are enough students to make friends with but not so many that it is overwhelming. Sometimes I struggle to keep focussed but my teachers and Director of Studies have helped me a lot with that. I completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award at MPW which was a great experience and taught me a lot about cooperation and teamwork.


Student testimonial Ella

Ella joined MPW from Tiffin Girls School for our one-year A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She achieved grades AAA and won a place at King’s College London to read Biology. Ella says: 

I really like the college atmosphere at MPW and the fact that you can experience it as much as you want to. There is a lot available but students have the independence to focus on what they are most interested in. I would like to say a big thank you to my teachers. Everyone at MPW has been so warm towards me and my teachers are so friendly and willing. They also adapt to learning styles and have been sensitive about responding to my needs; they provide extra help when I need it but also give me the space I need to absorb new topics or information when I need that. My Director of Studies was really helpful with my personal statement and I appreciated being able to talk through with him what to include and the pluses and minuses of the points I had written.


Student testimonial JJ

James (JJ) took GCSEs over two years with MPW and achieved A*A*A*A*A*A*A*AAAAB. He will now progress into the sixth form for our two-year A level courses. JJ says: 

I chose MPW because it is not a traditional school which really suited me. The discussion-based informal teaching is really effective and allows you to better understand the material, and the small classes allow you to get to know the teacher well and feel more comfortable asking for help than you would in front of 30 other students. The teachers here are happy to go the extra mile, they have met me on their lunchbreak to clarify a topic and always provide extra resources for me. Having a Director of Studies has been really good. There’s someone to look after you but they are not at all patronising. I found it really helpful to discuss my exam stress and worries with my DOS; I know other students have found their DOS helpful in terms of organisation and planning their revision. At MPW you feel like a young adult rather than a child and it makes you learn to take responsibility for yourself. They show you that if you do not turn up on time or do not do your work then that’s on you and you are actually wasting your own time and opportunities rather than anyone else’s. It’s a very useful skill for the future when there will not always be someone there to tell you what you should be doing and forcing you to get on with your work.


Tara Bage

Tara joined MPW from Hurstpierpoint College with AS level grades of CCCC. After one year at MPW she achieved A*A*A in Chemistry, Maths and Biology and won a place to read Medicine at University College London. Tara says: 

moved schools after I did not do well in my AS levels; I had underperformed and felt that my current school was not quite right for me. The teachers have been amazing and have all gone over and above everything I needed. In addition, the Director of Studies system is incredible and having that support was so helpful. I liked that I could arrange a DOS meeting when I liked and that it was in my control rather than being told what to do. Coming to MPW is the best decision I ever made, I’m just so glad I came here. I would never have got these grades without the support of MPW and my fantastic teachers.


Sarah Cameron

Sarah joined MPW from Benenden School with A level grades of A*BC in History, English and French. She took an A level retake course in English and also took History of Art A level from scratch over a single year. Sarah achieved grades A*A* and won a scholarship place to read Liberal Arts at Durham University. Sarah says:  

MPW has revolutionised my life and put it back on track in a way I never thought possible. It’s been amazing: they have seen me come in at my absolute lowest but they were clearly so experienced with what they were doing that I felt safe which was really comforting. Although the courses were intensive they didn’t feel suffocating or rushed and getting to spend so much time talking to the Head of English about a subject I’d lost so much confidence in was a real gift. MPW were great at easing any panic and stress – with retakes there could have been pressure and nerves over getting it right but I went into my exams thinking “this is fine, I’ve done all the practice”. Although I had felt stupid in the past I never felt like that at MPW: I felt like I was seen as an individual and my teachers were completely prepared to go the extra trillion miles for me. They never settled for second best and made me strive for the top.


George Mayo

George joined MPW from St Paul’s School with A level grades of BBB to take short A level retake courses. He achieved grades A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and won a place to read Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol. George says: 

I retook my A levels because I had my heart set on going to Bristol and I knew that I could do better than BBB. I knew that my A level grades would be on my record for the rest of my life and I wanted to have the results I felt I was capable of achieving. My parents chose MPW for me because of its fantastic reputation and when I had my interview I felt like it was the best place to get good grades, which is what I was looking for. MPW has been so much better than I expected. I met other people in the same situation as me and made some great friends. The teaching is so enthusiastic, they do exactly what you want and are really focussed at the same time as being very personable and taking a genuine interest in you. I got on really well with all of my teachers and with my Director of Studies who was always there to help with anything I needed.


Charlotte Ward

Charlotte joined MPW from King’s Canterbury to take a one-year A level course in Physics alongside short retake courses in Maths and History. Charlotte achieved grades A*A*A and won a place at the University of Bristol to study History and Innovation. Charlotte says: 

I had a friend at MPW who had recommended the college which is why I came here when I was disappointed by my A level grades. If you’re the sort of person that needs to knuckle down it’s so good. The teaching is amazing. It’s so relaxed and if there is anything you don’t understand it is easy to ask. I wanted to do a course that is not usually taken by History students at MPW (Tudor Rebellion) so they tailored a course for me and I had one-to-one tuition for that part. It’s been really good to boost my grade.


Nicola Bowman (1)

Nicola joined MPW from Immanuel College for one-year A level courses. She achieved grades A*A*A in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and won a place to read Medicine at University College London. Nicola says: 

I chose MPW because my brother came to MPW, loved his time here and came out with really good grades. When I didn’t do so well in my AS levels I knew something had to change. I came for an admissions meeting and it felt like a good fit for me. It’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve really, really enjoyed it and genuinely enjoyed all my lessons and being taught. My teachers are phenomenal! Coming to MPW was definitely the best decision for me. I’ve never had an exam period before where I wasn’t stressed, panicky or not feeling prepared but at MPW they have changed that. The exam preparation that you do throughout the year has helped me so much.


Hector Crean

Hector joined MPW from St Paul’s School for one-year A level courses in Further Maths and Physics as well as retaking his Maths A level. He achieved grades A*A*A and won a place to read Philosophy and Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. Hector says: 

I knew of MPW because my twin had done an Easter Revision course and recommended it. My last school was very cerebral but here the atmosphere is completely different. It is relaxed but at the same time it is very rigorous and throughout the year you make such substantial progress. Each lesson has a purpose and all of the students are so driven. MPW felt more like a university than a school for me. I really liked having the freedom to plan my own time around the set periods of lessons and there is also a real focus on doing your work on time, being methodical and preparing well so there is no last-minute stress at the end of the year. Unlike at some schools where it can be a lottery who your teachers are, at MPW they are all first-rate. If, like me, you change your mind after school about what you want to do and need to get some new A levels there is nowhere better to cater to your needs. I would recommend MPW. It is a fantastic school. 


Coco joined MPW from Godolphin and Latymer for our two-year A level courses. She achieved grades A*A*A*B in English, Geography, Geology and German alongside an A in AS level Economics and won a place to read Geography at Durham University. Coco says:

Although I was keeping up academically at my previous school it was very high pressure and I wanted to go to a more flexible college. MPW is a more relaxed environment and a great transition for university in terms of time management as well. The staff are really supportive and the practice tests you take throughout the year are really helpful. I used to get really nervous before exams but because I did them so often at MPW I’m a lot less nervous than I used to be. The pastoral system at MPW is really helpful too. There has been lots of individual attention for university applications. My Director of Studies is so approachable and it is also really easy to make an appointment to see her. MPW isn’t just for people who are retaking, it’s for people who want a different way of learning.


Emily Cui

Emily joined MPW from China for two-year A level courses in Economics, Geography, Maths and Further Maths. She achieved grades A*A*A*B and won a place to read Mathematics with Economics at UCL. Emily says: 

The teaching has been very helpful throughout my two years at MPW. The UCAS week at the end of the AS year gave us a general idea of university applications as well – and we also got lots of help on completing them in personal meetings with our Directors of Studies. MPW met all of my expectations. My Economics tutor has been fantastic, for example he taught us the Economics in the textbook and also applied it to real-life. It allowed us to evaluate the subject and understand it more deeply and I found I had a real interest in Economics. 


Zane Freimane

Katrina joined MPW from Latvia for two-year A level courses in Biology, Maths and Chemistry alongside an AS in Religious Studies. She achieved grades A*A*A and won a place to read Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast. Katrina says: 

I was purposefully looking for colleges that would help me get into Medicine and chose MPW because of the help with UCAS applications and interviews. From the first year they really involved me in getting ready for the process, I think it has paid off.  The teaching is great and the lessons are really high quality. I was surprised the first time I came here because the whole teacher/ student relationship is so different to what I was used to. In my old school, we were supposed to stand up when a teacher walked in and say hello properly but here it’s a relaxed kind of atmosphere. It’s really nice as it makes it easier to ask questions, there’s no reservation or awkwardness. I’ve realised so much more of my potential, the teachers saw I could do more and challenged me some more. If you’ve got a clear goal, it’s definitely the school to come to because there are so many highly qualified people who can help you achieve it.


Natasha Fisher

Natasha joined MPW from Surbiton High School with AS grades of BBBC. She dropped Maths, which she had a B grade in, and took one-year A level courses in English, History and Politics. Natasha achieved AAA in her A levels at MPW and won a place to read Politics and International Relations at the University of York. Natasha says: 

While I liked being at Surbiton and there was a good community, there wasn’t a lot of focus on students who were competent but couldn’t excel or ask extra questions. When I came to MPW there were no limits on what you could learn and I really liked that. The teaching is excellent. My English teacher is like an encyclopaedia of knowledge and my other teachers structure their lessons and break it down in a way that is tailored to you so it helps your revision later on. I think of it as like when you go to a museum you can either get a headset that talks at you or an actual person who will take you around, show an interest, and let you ask questions. That experience is much more tailored to you – and that’s what it is like at MPW. Coming here is like having a real tour guide.


Adam Mohd Zaini

Adam joined MPW from Malaysia for 18-month A level courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. He achieved grades A*AA and won a place to read Chemical Engineering at University College London. Adam says: 

I knew I wanted to come to the UK for my A levels and I chose MPW because of its location. Before MPW I was at a boarding school where everything was very strict and scheduled. I learn much better when I am managing my own time and so I really like the free periods at MPW that you can use for self-study. The teachers here have really helped ignite my passion for the subjects I am studying by teaching things outside of the syllabus, which has also helped with my personal statement. MPW has provided a great exposure to a new culture. I think the system here is better than the Malaysian education system: the class sizes are much smaller and the schedules are better managed. I was nervous about coming at first but now I am really happy and I have made friends through my lessons and through where I live. 


Max Butler

Max did a degree in Architecture at UCL before having a change of heart and deciding on a different career path. He did not have the prerequisite A level  subjects to apply to read Medicine so he joined MPW for one-year A level courses in Biology and Chemistry. Max achieved grades A*A in Biology and Chemistry and won a place to read Medicine at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge. Max says:  

My sister recommended MPW to me after having taken the second year of her A levels here and I liked it because they have an amazing course for ‘mature medics’. To be able to study with other people who are going through the same thing is a fantastic opportunity. MPW has been excellent. The small class sizes are great and the teachers are happy to help whenever you need anything. I also found the way the teachers taught was very useful for the Medical School interview process – particularly at Cambridge - as I was used to being stretched and challenged by topics I was unfamiliar with. I would absolutely recommend MPW for the high quality teaching and their flexibility in meeting unusual requirements. Also, having studied architecture, it was lovely to be in these buildings: they are one of my favourite things about the college!


Hossein Malekmadani

Hossein joined MPW two years ago to take A levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He achieved grades A*A*B and won a place to read Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance at UCL. Hossein says: 


My most memorable moment at MPW has been results day – to get not one, but two A*s has been great. I know that without MPW’s teaching I would never have got these grades and got into UCL. If you want to go to a top university, this is the best place to come. All the staff help you so much – your teachers, your Director of Studies, everyone. You only have 8 students in a group and the teachers put so much effort into what you’re doing. They know what to do best to help you achieve – if you want an A/A* they know exactly what to do to get you there.


Jane Alexandrova

Jane joined MPW from the International School of London to take one-year GCSE courses. She achieved grades A*A*A*A*A*A*A*AAA and progressed into the sixth form at Godolphin and Latymer School. Jane says: 

I loved my teachers at MPW, they were my favourite thing about the college. The classes are really small so you can really get to know your classmates and it feels so comfortable with an informal atmosphere. We had some great classroom discussions, for example in English Literature we would sometimes go off-topic with something interesting and we were always encouraged to think more about what we were doing. Before I came to MPW I would never have thought I would want to study English after GCSE but now I am thanks to how interesting and encouraging my teacher was. My other teachers were astonishing too, for example my 

Mathematics and Physics teachers were constantly pushing me further and challenging me with extra-curricular questions which was great. They have really sparked my love for learning. 

The Director of Studies system is another thing I really liked. I had regular scheduled meetings as well as extra meetings with my DOS; she always really encouraged me. I felt stressed with everything I had to do at the start of the first term but she really supported me and helped me to cope with it.


John For Web

John joined MPW from Dulwich College for our one-year GCSE courses. He already held two A* grades from GCSEs he had taken early and went on to achieve A*A*A*A*A*A*AA in his remaining exams. John stayed with us for A level and took two-year courses in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry alongside competing internationally at judo. In spite of his demanding extra-curricular activities (John qualified for this October's Junior World Championships by winning the American Junior U21 Nationals), he achieved grades A*A*A*A and won a place to read Mathematics at the University of Chicago. John says:


I like the atmosphere at MPW – it is productive but relaxed so you can get all your work done without getting stressed. The teachers are really helpful – they cared that I had dyslexia and were really supportive, always patient with me and happy to take extra time if I needed something explaining twice. The small class sizes helped with that too. Feedback after tests was very constructive. MPW set a lot of revision tests and timed assignments but they are nothing to worry about and taking so many over the course meant that by the time I got to the exam I felt very confident. My Director of Studies has a good track record with American university applications. She helped me a lot with putting those together, making sure I had the right paperwork and working with my tutors on my references.



Harry joined MPW from Felsted School, where he had achieved AS level results of ADDD, for our two-year A level courses. He achieved grades A*A*A in English Literature, Politics and History. Harry won a place to read Law at King’s College London. Harry says:

Friends recommended MPW to me so I came in and had an admissions meeting with the Principal which was great. It is important for me to have a great headmaster and I got on with Steve really well. I love the teaching at MPW. They mark you tough so you strive to work harder to achieve high grades and then when you eventually sit the exams they are easier in comparison. I got 100% in both of my AS Politics papers and a History paper. The teachers also genuinely care for you. Although I have a different teacher for A2 English than I had last year my AS teacher, Angela, still helped me with this year’s coursework even though she was technically not involved any more. I was amazed. It is the same with my Director of Studies. I must have spent 12 hours going through my UCAS application with her: at one point I saw her every other day and she even emailed me about my personal statement from her skiing holiday. She really cared and I don’t know anywhere else that you get such dedicated one-to-one support. I’m going to send my kids to MPW.



Imogen For Web

Imogen joined MPW from Wycombe Abbey for January-June A level retake courses. She achieved grades A*A* in Mathematics and Politics and won a place at the New College of the Humanities to read Philosophy with a minor in Politics and Economics. Imogen says:

I visited a number of tutorial colleges to discuss my retakes and MPW was easily the most impressive one I saw. The facilities were great and it seemed the most well-organised. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to retake and the meeting I had with the Director of Studies was really helpful. He advised me about what to do and gave me lots of options to consider. MPW was also willing to be flexible and fit around my other plans for my ‘gap year’. I wanted to work as well and they allowed me to modify my timetable to miss Wednesday lessons and have an individual surgery to make up for that so that I could fit my job in too.




Adam Resized2Adam joined MPW from John Hampden School for our two-year A level course in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. He achieved grades A*AA as well as a B in English Literature AS level and won a place to read Medicine at St George’s, University of London. Adam says:

I came to MPW because I thought that it was a great environment for me to maximise my potential and I was right. The teaching was second-to-none. They are not just really good teachers but you also get to know them really well because of the small class sizes.

The help I received with my Medical School application was really good. I had lots of guidance on my personal statement and mock interview practice. The mock interview helped a lot, it taught me what to expect and made me more relaxed when I was approaching the real thing.

MPW is brilliant and there isn’t a much better setting for a college than South Kensington. I have had a great two years.


Vlad ResizedVlad joined MPW from Millfield School for a two-year GCSE course and then remained with us for a further two years while he studied for his A levels. Vlad achieved grades A*AAA in Russian, Economics, Mathematics and Religious Studies alongside a B in AS level Physics. He won a place at SOAS, University of London to read Economics. Vlad says:

The thing I have enjoyed the most about being at MPW is the close communication between students and their teachers and Directors of Studies, as well as how friendly everyone is. The teaching is very good because the small class size allows you to have almost individual guidance on each topic. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, like a home.

My Director of Studies is fantastic. She has done everything for me and helped me with anything I had going on. She was always there for moral support as well as helping me academically, for example with university.

I played football for the MPW team while I was here which was really fun. It is a great team and we did really well in our league.


Olivia Hammondresized 1 Olivia joined MPW from Wellington College for our two-year A level course in History of Art, Economics and Religious Studies. She gained grades A*AA as well as a C in AS level Spanish and is now going to take a gap year. Olivia says: 

I really didn’t like boarding so after my GCSEs I wanted to move to a day school in London. I chose MPW because everyone seemed really friendly and nice and I liked that it was big enough for me to be able to meet a lot of new people. Although I didn’t join until October, I settled in very quickly and I found it really easy to make friends.

At my old school I always used to sit at the back of the class and not pay attention but you can’t do that here and now I am much more productive. My teachers really care and they talk to you like an equal which I really like. You are on the same level as them. They give you everything you need and you also have to put in a lot of work and drive yourself to succeed so now I am much more self-motivated. MPW allowed me more freedom than my previous school. I really like being more independent.


MathildaMathilda came to MPW to do one-year GCSE courses. She already held an A* in GCSE Religious Studies when she joined us and went on to achieve A*A*A*A*A*A*AAA in the rest of her GCSE examinations this summer. Mathilda will now go on to study A levels at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. Mathilda says:

I wanted to do my GCSEs in one year rather than two so MPW’s intensive course appealed to me. The teaching was brilliant, I really liked the small class sizes and I was taught individually for Latin which I enjoyed as it meant that I could go at my own pace. I had some inspiring teachers. Before I came to MPW, I did not enjoy Physics but my lessons were so good that now it is one of my favourite subjects and I am going to take it for A level.

After less than a week I had forgotten what it was like to have just started a new school, I settled in so quickly and I got to know everyone in my year really well.

My Director of Studies was the best! She knew everything about me: what I wanted to get out of the year, my aims, my pace of study. She spoke to my teachers a lot about how I was getting on and was in contact with my mum a lot too so I felt really well supported.


Katie HurdresizedKatie joined MPW from Marlborough College for our two-year GCSE programme and then continued on to a two-year A level programme with us. Katie achieved grades A*A*B in History of Art, Politics and English Literature and won a place to read Anthropology at the University of Sussex. Katie says:

I don’t know where to start in talking about MPW. I love it so much. The teaching at MPW is amazing. The teachers’ knowledge is so broad which makes a subject much more interesting because you are able to explore it in more depth, and they are all so passionate about their subjects. I have known my Director of Studies for four years now and she is brilliant. She just gets me. She is so involved in my life and my school. Last year when I was finding revising for my French oral really hard she spent time with me and sat me down, making me speak to her in French and helping me to relax. She is so approachable. I am really going to miss MPW. The education you get here is so unique.


Amin Resized2Amin took our two-year A level course in Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. He achieved grades A*A*AA and won a place to read Computing at Imperial College London. Amin says:

My favourite thing about MPW is the independence. I have much more control of my learning now and I know that my achievements are down to my own work rather than someone spoon-feeding me. You get so much support and help with your studies by the teachers – my favourite teacher is really organised and he has always pushed me and helped me learn more.

Whenever I have had any problems I have been able to see my Director of Studies, either by popping in and seeing if she is at her desk or making an appointment. She has been brilliant and has helped me so much, especially with UCAS.

I have also got involved with the extra-curricular side of things at MPW. I had to stop attending football because of a pre-existing injury but then I started Debating which was really good. We came 


ZoeZoe joined MPW from Singapore for our two-year A level course in Chemistry, Economics, History and Mathematics. She achieved grades A*A*AA and won a place to read Law at the London School of Economics. Zoe says:

The teachers at MPW are really attentive and whatever you need they are approachable and happy to help you. You get a lot of personal attention and feel like you are in charge of your own academic welfare. The surgeries in each subject tell you exactly what you need to know and clarify everything. I feel like I am able to maximise my academic potential and do well. Socially, MPW is really welcoming and my Director of Studies is always there to help me with any problems which made me feel safe and secure right from the start. I have also been to lots of events in college like Nauryz and Chinese New Year, it’s so nice to interact with people and get to know their cultures, you really see a wider perspective of life. When Sandra Gregory came to do a talk here [Sandra is the author of ‘Forget You Have A Daughter’ about her time in a Bangkok jail], it made me realise how lucky I am and events like that really help with students’ personal development.


FahridFahrid took his GCSEs at MPW Birmingham and when his family relocated to London, he was keen to continue his education in a similar style to the one he had enjoyed there. He took a two-year A level course at MPW London in English Literature, French, History and Government & Politics. He achieved grades A*A*AA and won a place at King’s College London as a scholar in Politics, Philosophy and Law. He says:

I remember talking to Patrick on my first day in London. I knew him because I came in during the summer and met him to discuss my A level options. He was really welcoming and told me that all of my teachers were Heads of Department which I was pleased about. We were also given a folder on our first day about all the extra-curricular options. I started debating and then switched to Philosophy Club, and I also played table tennis every Friday morning. I also attended all the Principal’s lectures this year and wrote an article for the student magazine on Sir Malcolm Rifkin’s Politics talk. I find the teaching at MPW amazing. I was familiar with the style because Birmingham is based on the same ethos but I really enjoyed how at A level you can explore your subject in so much more depth than just covering the syllabus.


AlexiaAlexia joined MPW from Cheltenham Ladies’ College for our one-year GCSE course. She won the Laura Freeman prize for her fantastic results and then stayed with us as a scholar for A levels in English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. She achieved grades A*A*A*A* and won a place to read Physics at Imperial College London. Alexia says:

The teaching at MPW is amazing. I didn’t enjoy Mathematics at my previous school but then I came here. The teachers were attentive and were able to stretch me and push me to learn more without it ever being too stressful. All of the teachers are so passionate about their subjects that I got a lot of joy and interest out of their own enthusiasm; when a teacher is excited to teach a subject it makes a lesson so much better. I have a lot of respect for my teachers and I will keep in touch with them all because they have contributed so much to my life and my future. My Director of Studies was always there for me and I could talk anything over with him. At MPW I was treated like an adult and trusted to manage my own work which I really appreciated.