AS Level Economics · AQA

Dates Available
Week 1: 1 April – 5 April
Week 2: 8 April – 12 April
Week 3: 15 April – 19 April

AQA 7135

Length of Course
20 hours

9am to 1pm daily

Although much of the theory covered is similar to the AQA legacy (2140) specification the examination structure of this new linear A level is different. A large focus of the course is teaching students how to present their theoretical knowledge and understanding into the contextualised structure examiners are looking for. Participants in the course will benefit from the experience of tutors who work as examiners for the examination board.

The course examines key topic areas and extensive use is made of exam-based questions to illustrate relevant principles and examination techniques. The course will cover most aspects of the specification, although particular emphasis will be placed on topic areas and examination techniques that student generally find most difficult.

The course covers the following areas:

The Operation of Markets and Market Failure

Economic methodology, price determination, production costs and revenue, competitive
and concentrated markets, the market mechanism, market failure and government

The National Economy in a Global Context

Measurement of macroeconomic performance, the circular flow of income, AD/AS analysis, economic performance and macroeconomic policy.