IGCSE/GCSE English Literature

Dates Available
Week 1: Monday 30 March - Friday 3 April
Week 2: Monday 6 - Friday 10 April 
Week 3: Monday 13 - Friday 17 April

Length of Course
4 hours per text

All boards

2pm to 6pm daily

The different requirements of the various exam boards make it impossible to offer one course suitable for everyone. The texts offered here have been selected on the basis of their popularity across the spectrum of exam boards. Each text or poetry session is four hours in length and will cover essay technique for the various types of GCSE question, i.e. passage-based essays, discursive essays, imaginative essays, etc.

The texts are not taught on a board specific basis but it is vital that we know which board is being studied in order to ensure that the appropriate past papers are used.

Please indicate the examination board on the registration form.

Please note that whilst we can give supplementary help with understanding texts studied for coursework we cannot help with the coursework pieces themselves. To do so would be to interfere with work that must be vouched for as the student’s own by their regular teacher.

The timetable will be as follows:

Week Two

Monday 8 April 2pm - 6pm  A View from a Bridge
Tuesday 9 April 2pm - 6pm  An Inspector Calls
Wednesday 10 April 2pm - 6pm  Jekyll and Hyde
Thursday 11 April 2pm - 6pm  Spies
Friday 12 April 2pm - 6pm  Macbeth

Week Three

Monday 15 April 2pm - 6pm  Of Mice and Men
Tuesday 16 April 2pm - 6pm  The Merchant of Venice or Henry V
Wednesday 17 April 2pm - 6pm  Songs of Ourselves: Volume 1, Part 5
Thursday 18 April 2pm - 6pm  Songs of Ourselves: Volume 2, Part 2
Friday 19 April 2pm - 6pm  Romeo and Juliet

N.B. Other texts may be available on request.