Summer Art Exhibition 2016

London A47

Towards the end of the summer term, the MPW Art Exhibition private view took place and this year there was, as always, a terrific variety of high-quality work on show. For one evening, the college libraries and reception were transformed by a magnificent array of art and design produced this year by students across the department, including ceramics, textiles, and some striking photography, along with an impressive range of painting and drawing. The event was well attended and equally well received with unanimous praise for the variety and creativity of art on display. 

 Notable works brilliantly presented were the extremely detailed, realistic drawings and paintings by Arna Chen and the beautiful three-dimensional textile pieces by, amongst others, Yinuo Chen with her series of foldable skin ornaments and a combined range of origami, digital technology and found everyday objects and also the intricately stitched organic patterns of Yuan Yuan Yu. The photography produced was also acknowledged to be particularly strong this year, such as Samuel Elphick-John’s work.

Other prominent pieces included the monumental Anselm Kiefer/Cristian Boltanski-inspired installation by Daniella Kaliada-Philipenkova. The isolation of the human figure, the loss of presence and often a sense of loneliness are reflected in monochromatic tones in Olivia Berry’s brilliant imaginative paintings. 

The Art Prize was awarded to Yilin Guo (Brenda) for her wonderful art and textiles pieces. Fragments of broken texture were delicately framed and outlined with cut-out gold-foil paper to create an otherworldly evocative textile piece. The fine line between truth and fantasy and how this can often become blurred was a major inspiration for Brenda’s paintings.

Our long-standing collaborator and representative of University of the Arts, Dave Webster, returned to open the show and award the MPW Art Prize, giving some insightful comment and warm praise for the students and we thank him once again for his contribution to this successful event. Thanks also to all the members of staff who helped to stage the exhibition – one of our best ever!

Greg Ioannou